Yanmin He

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Yanmin He
Otemon Gakuin University

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Published Papers

Hong Zhang, Yuyao Zhang, Shimin Zhou, Yanmin He
Emerging Markets Finance and Trade      Apr 2019   [Refereed]
Jiao-Ting Peng, Yuan Wang, Xiang Zhang, Yanmin He, Masashi Taketani, Rui Shi, Xiao-Dong Zhu
Journal of Cleaner Production      Nov 2018   [Refereed]
Azuma Aiko, Chewpreecha Unnada, Na Sung-In, Chen Li-Chun, He Yanmin, Matsumoto Ken'ichi, Lee Soocheol
名城アジア研究 = Meijo Asian research journal   8(1) 3-24   Mar 2018
Chen Zhang, Yuan Wang, Yuan Wang, Xiaowei Song, Jumpei Kubota, Yanmin He, Junji Tojo, Xiaodong Zhu
Science of the Total Environment   609 319-328   Dec 2017   [Refereed]
© 2017 Elsevier B.V. This paper concentrates on a Chinese context and makes efforts to develop an integrated process to explicitly elucidate the relationship between economic growth and water pollution discharge—chemical oxygen demand (COD) discha...
何 彦旻
社会科学研究年報   (47)    May 2017


FENG Shengbo, 東條 純士, 竹谷 理志, 何 彦旻, 王 敦彦
RUDGS : 研究成果報告書   11-16   2017
何 彦旻
財政と公共政策   35(2) 140-142   Oct 2013
何 彦旻
財政と公共政策 = Public finance and public policy   54 140-142   Oct 2013
森 晶寿, 東條 純士, 何 彦旻, 王 敦彦
生存基盤科学研究ユニット研究成果報告書 = ISS report   (6) 27-30   2015

Books etc

北川 秀樹
Springer   2017   ISBN:9784431564881
Larry Kreiser, Soocheol Lee, Kazuhiro Ueta, Janet E. Milne, Hope Ashiabor
Edward Elgar Pub   Oct 2014   ISBN:1783478160
Environmental Policy and Governance in China
Yanmin He (Part:Contributor, pp.89-108)
Springer   ISBN:978-4-431-56490-4