RCWT ( club lectura con té ) en el anuncio de la reunión Web

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Esta es una RCWT (reading club with tea / club lectura con té) en la Web.

RCWT tiene una reunión mensual , segundo lunes de cada mes en la Web.
Un miembro del RCWT leer un libro con todo tipo de té como el verde, negro , oolong o té de sabor, en cualquier momento del día y en cualquier lugar en el mundo .
Un miembro de los informes de un nombre del libro y el nombre del té con la imagen del libro y el té como la primera reunión RCWT en Abril 12, 2014 # _1879829 .

Segunda reunión es en Mayo 9, 2014, usted puede unirse a través de la Lectura métrica , Twitter o Facebook.

Twitter hashtag es #RCWT (reading club with tea / club lectura con té) .

En twitter y / o facebook, de enviar una imagen y utilizar cualquiera de los idiomas con el código de idioma utilizando ISO 639-1 ( código de 2 caracteres) o ISO 639-2 ( código de 3 caracteres).

La Lectura métrica sólo se admite en lengua Japonesa .

p.d. <Voy a añadir algo>
Kaizen Diario(researcmap)
Kaizen Diario(ameba)
Kaizen Libros(Reading Meter)
Kaizen Libros(booklog)
Kaizen Libros(
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RCWT(reading club with tea) on the Web meeting announcement

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This is a RCWT(reading club with tea) on the Web.
RCWT has a monthly meeting,  2nd monday of every month on the Web.
A member of RCWT read a book with any tea  such as green, black, oolong or any flavor tea, at any time of the day and any place on the world.

A member reports a book name, author name and a tea name with picture of the book and the tea such as 1st RCWT meeting at April 12.2014

2nd meeting is 9 May 2014, you can join through the Reading Meter, twitter or facebook.

Lipton is not sponsor, but I like the message "Talk With Tea".

Twitter hash tag is #readcludwithtea.

Facebook event is at .
The Reading Meter is supported Japanese language only, .

At twitter and/or facebook, you can post a picture and use any languages with language code using ISO 639-1(2 characters code) or ISO 639-2(3 characters code).

< I am going to append something.>

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output and outcome

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output : the act of turning out; production: the factory's output of cars; artistic output. (c)

outcome: a final product or end result; consequence; issue. (c)

CD付 新TOEICテスト「直前」模試3回分 (TOEICテスト 技術(テクニック)シリーズ)
ロバート・ヒルキ, ポール・ワーデン, ヒロ 前田
Price:¥ 2,310

There is a exercise such as:
The Detroit facility's ----- has risen by 50 percent even though its workforce has been trimmed significantly.

(a) outcome (b) outsize (c) output (d) outgo

One of the reason is that outcome has not rise because it is result.
Another reason is that combination of facility's and outcome is not good.
So I research the combination of two words on google.

rise output About 182,000,000 results (0.43 seconds) rise outcome About 56,500,000 results (0.44 seconds)  
output facility About 78,100,000 results (0.42 seconds) outcome facility About 40,500,000 results (0.35 seconds) 
facility's output About 587,000 results (0.31 seconds)facility's outcome About 5,900,000 results (0.44 seconds) 
"facility's output" About 18,500 results (0.45 seconds)"facility's outcome" About 239 results (0.34 seconds) 


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Business words.

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I'm not familiar business words.

affiliate .to bring into close association or connection: The research center is affiliated with the university, a branch organization.(c)

ambassador a diplomatic official of the highest rank, sent by one sovereign or state to another as its resident representative (ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary) .(c)

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preposition, on and in.

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I'm not English native.
Sometime I confuse using of "in" and "on".

Paper media mainly use in, such as in the magazine or in the newspaper.
Electric media mainly use on, such as on the TV, on the radio, or on the Net.

vehicle use in,  in the car. train airplane and bus use on,  on the train.

time, period, on, at, in.

Year, month, season use in, day use on, time use at.

direction, destination, to, for
direction use to, to America, destination use for, for Osaka.

The data below came from the 23 preposition

5 out
carry out
point out
find out
come out
work out
go out
turn out
break out
rule out
set out
get out
figure out
run out
take out
put out

6 up
come up
set up
give up
pick up
make up
take up
end up
go up
grow up
build up
step up
open up
put up
break up
stand up

7 for
call for
look for
go for
head for
pay for
work for
ask for
vote for
wait for
prepare for
run for
fight for
apply for
know for
account for

8 on
go on
hold on
call on
take on
put on
come on
get on
sit on
stay on
carry on
move on
hang on
turn on
live on
depend on

9 down
go down
shut down
step down
come down
break down
sit down
shoot down
bring down
close down
turn down
stand down
lay down
put down
cut down

10. about
think about
bring about
go about
set about
come about
get about
talk about
know about
worry about
hear about
ask about
write about
care about
speak about
complain about

11 of
think of / get rid of / know of / talk of / dispose of / come of / speak of / accuse of / die of / convict of / consist of / make of / suspect of / hear of / warn of

12 in
come in / work in / stay in / go in / get in / put in / appear in / believe in / set in / dress in / see in

13 off
cut off / take off / go off / lay off / break off / pay off / set off / get off / call off / seal off / put off

14 to
come to / talk to / get to / stay to / take to / relate to / move to / add to / turn to / fall to

15 over
take over / hand over / go over / turn over / come over / divide over / get over / look over / run over

16 with
deal with / meet with / work with / cope with / live with / begin with / go with / play with / interfere with / finish with

17 from
come from / hear from / draw from / speak from / withdraw from / suffer from / emerge from / return from / range from / benefit from

18 go through / get through / come through / pass through / run through / break through / push through / look through

19 turn around / go around / look around / get around / sit around / run around

20 look at / come at / work at / get at / aim at / arrive at

21 come across / get across / cut across / run acrross

22 pass by / go by / stand by

23come along / go along / get along (with)

24call upon / depend upon

25 move toward / head toward

26 live within

27 go into / come into / get into / turn into / run into / look into / fall into / burst into / break into / enter into
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English: reading, translation, conversation and TOEIC.

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Now I start new dairy, "English: reading, translation, conversation and TOEIC."
I try to write some notes about English.

First of all, I introduce a machine translating system that the key technologies were developed by our teams. The leader is Mr Saraki. The name of software is Pat Transer
PAT-Transer V11 
cross language(2011-11-18)
Price:¥ 88,000

PAT-Transer V11 Pro
cross language (2011-11-18)
Price:¥ 176,400

This a English to Japanese translator, focusing Patents.
Patent sentences are often complex sentences, that have 2 or more statements in one sentence. Patent sentences severe right relationship. If we divide complex sentences to 2 ore more sentences. Both shall be keeping equal right relationship.
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