KAN Masaki

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KAN Masaki
Osaka University
Office for Community-University Co-Creation
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菅 真城, カン マサキ
現代の図書館 = Libraries today   57(1) 23-29   Mar 2019
特集 : 文書館と図書館
OGAWA Chiyoko
Records Management   75(0) 18-31   2018
<p>  This is the achievement report of the 2nd year of systematization study of records management science of the three year planning. In 2017, three study sessions were held. The first session was in regard to an analysis system of document manag...
OGAWA Chiyoko
Records Management   73(0) 44-59   2017
<p>  This research is the result of the first year of the 3‒year plan aiming to systematize the record management science. The systematization of the record management science here means that practitioners seek clues to locate their individual cas...
KAN Masaki
Records Management   71(0) 72-80   2016
<p>  I have been worked as archivist at Hiroshima University Archives and Osaka University Archives, and studied about university archives. In 2013, I published Daigaku Akaibuzu no Sekai. In this paper, the clue book reviews to my book, I c...
ISHII Yukio, KAN Masaki, SHIMADA Norihito, UEDA Yuta
Records Management   69(0) 27-46   2015
Public Records and Archives Management Act was enforced on April 1, 2011. This is an epoch-making Act that public records and archives as records of historical facts and various activities of the State and Incorporated Administrative Agencies, etc...


Kan Masaki, Abe Takeshi
大阪大学経済学   65(2) 56-79   Sep 2015
Kan Masaki, Abe Takeshi
大阪大学経済学   65(1) 65-79   Jun 2015
Kan Masaki, Abe Takeshi
大阪大学経済学   64(4) 126-137   Mar 2015
菅 真城
Journal of Hiroshima University Archives   (8) 53-73   Mar 2006
KAN Masaki
Journal of the history of Hiroshima University   (3) 91-115   Mar 2001