Kaneko Osamu

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Kaneko Osamu
Hiroshima Institute of Technology

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2018
Professor, Dep. of Architectural Engineering, Hiroshima Institute of Technology
Apr 1983
Mar 2018
Research Institute of Technology, Toda Corporation


Oct 2012
Sep 2015
Chiba University
Apr 1981
Mar 1983
Tokyo Institute of Technology
Apr 1977
Mar 1981
Dep. of Architectural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Published Papers

Osamu Kaneko, Shiori Kawamata, Shoichi Nakai, Toru Sekiguchi, Tomohisa Mukai
Japan Architectural Review   1(2) 235   Apr 2018   [Refereed]
NARITA Nobuhide, YASUI Mitoshi, KANEKO Osamu
Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ)   83(743) 101-109   2018
 There are many buildings supported by composite foundation with piles and footings on inclined bedrock. In previous studies (e.g. Kakurai (2009)), seismic lateral forces of this kind of composite foundation structures has been pointed out th...
WATANABE Hidekazu, MUKAI Tomohisa, SAKUTA Joji, KANEKO Osamu, NARITA Nobuhide
AIJ Journal of Technology and Design   24(57) 673-678   2018
<p>A reinforced concrete building was damaged by the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake. Functional use of the building was not allowed after the earthquake. In this paper, post-earthquake damage evaluation and static non-linear pushover analysis were carri...
NARITA Nobuhide, KANEKO Osamu, YAMAMOTO Takeshi, MUKAI Tomohisa, NAKAI Shoichi, SEKIGUCHI Toru
Aij Journal of TECHNOLOGY and Design   23(53) 43-48   2017
In 2011 the Great East Japan Earthquake, many buildings prevented continued use by damage of foundation in spite of minor damage of superstructure. For continued use of buildings, seismic performance of foundation is important, not just seismic pe...
Aij Journal of TECHNOLOGY and Design   23(53) 87-92   2017
An evaluation of the seismic performance of pile foundations by the structure experiment for the ensuring of safety and post-earthquake functionality is important. It is desirable to perform the structure experiments to estimate characteristics of...


福田 健, 金子 治, 稲永 英治, 中原 理揮, 佐野 大作, 田口 智也, 前田 朋宏, 石塚 圭介
戸田建設技術研究報告 Toda technical research report   (42)    2016
Kaneko Osamu, Nakai Shoichi, Abe Akio, Iiba Masanori, Kuze Naoya, Hirade Tsutomu
地盤工学会誌 : 土と基礎   62(1) 16-19   Jan 2014
田口 智也, 金子 治, 佐野 大作
戸田建設技術研究報告 Toda technical research report   (40)    2014
伊勢本 昇昭, 田口 智也, 金子 治, 新井 寿昭
地盤工学会誌   62(1) 34-35   2014
佐野 大作, 金子 治, 田口 智也
戸田建設技術研究報告 Toda technical research report   (39) 10-1-10-10   2013
保井 美敏, 伊勢本 昇昭, 金子 治, 佐野 大作
地盤工学会誌 = / the Japanese Geotechnical Society   57(1) 24-25   Jan 2009
MITSUNARI Takashi, ISEMOTO Noriaki, YASUI Mitoshi, KANEKO Osamu, SHIMODA Masao, BESSHO Michio
Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan   44(503) 998-1002   Aug 1995
This paper presents experimental results which verify the effectiveness of a liquefaction remediation measure using hard burned lime piles. Pile materials mixed with hard burned lime, blast furnance slag, artificial gypsum and sand are placed in p...

Conference Activities & Talks

HARAKON Ayaka, AKITA Tomofusa, INAI Eiichi, MUKAI Tomohisa, KASHIWA Hisatoshi, HIRADE Tsutomu, KANEKO Osamu
Proceedings of annual research meeting Chugoku Chapter, Architectural Institute of Japan (AIJ)   5 Mar 2016   
TAGUCHI Tomoya, KANEKO Osamu, SANO Daisaku, FUKUDA Takeshi
Summaries of technical papers of annual meeting   4 Sep 2015   
FUKUDA Takeshi, KANEKO Osamu, TAGUCHI Tomoya, MAEDA Tomohiro
Summaries of technical papers of annual meeting   4 Sep 2015   
Summaries of technical papers of annual meeting   4 Sep 2015   
KISHIDA Shinji, ITO Kosuke, MUKAI Tomohisa, KASHIWA Hisatoshi, HIRADE Tsutomu, TANI Masanori, KANEKO Osamu, KOBAYASHI Katsumi, IIBA Masanori, HIJIKATA Katsuichiro
Summaries of technical papers of annual meeting   4 Sep 2015