Kanji Tawara

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Kanji Tawara
Toyo University
Asian Cultures Research Institute,
Job title
Research Fellow
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Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2018
Research Fellow, Asian Cultures Research Institute, Toyo University
Apr 2018
Mar 2019
Part-time Lecturer, Museum curator course, Okayama University of Science
Jun 2018
Technical stuff member of the Global Project Office, Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies/Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society, Kyushu University
Apr 2015
Mar 2018
Associate Professor, Faculty of Human Sociology, Nagasaki International University
Jun 2014
Mar 2016
Visiting Fellow, Graduate Program in Cultural Resource Management, Kanazawa University
Mar 2013
Feb 2015
International Professor in Education, Department of Cultural Anthropology / College of Liberal Arts, Yeungnam University, Republic of Korea
Apr 2012
Visiting Researcher, Institute of International Culture, Showa Women's University
Apr 2011
Mar 2015
Cooperative Researcher, Kokugakuin University Museum / Organization for the Advancement of Research and Development, Kokugakuin University
Oct 2009
Mar 2010
Part Time Lecturer, Faculty of Foreign Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Apr 2008
Mar 2009
Senior Researcher (full-time), Tokyo University of Foreign Studies


Feb 2003
PhD in Social and Cultural Studies, Kyushu University
Apr 1997
Mar 2000
Doctoral course in Japan Society and Culture, Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies, Kyushu University
Apr 1994
Mar 1997
Master's course in Japan Society and Culture, Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies, Kyushu University
Apr 1986
Mar 1991
Department of International Culture, Faculty of Literature, Seinangakuin University
Apr 1982
Mar 1985
Nagasaki prefectural Tsushima high school

Awards & Honors

Dec 2015
Postcolonial Archaeology of Vietnam: Beyond the "Chinese Model" and the "Vietnamese Model", The 13th Japan Society for Southeast Asian Studies Award, The Japan Society for Southeast Asian Studies
Sep 2013
Postcolonial Archaeology of Vietnam - Beyond the Chinese Model and the Vietnamese Model., The 1st Masaharu Matsushita Memorial Academic Award, The Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Foundation, Japan

Published Papers

Machinami-keikan to iseki-hozon
Kanji Tawara
Nagasaki International University Review   17 1-15   Mar 2017   [Refereed]
Tsushima in the Yamatai-koku period of Japan
Kanji Tawara
79-100   Jul 2016   [Invited]
The culture of Tsushima and the movement of the sea current
Kanji Tawara
2015 Ulleung Island International Conference: The Island-ness of Local Residents and Transportation in Ulleung Island- Changing Transportation Networks, Trade, and Culture -   181-204   Jun 2015   [Invited]
Rethinking of Early Bronze Drums -Chronology of the late half of Heger I type specimens-
Kanji Tawara
   May 2014
Tsushima as ‘boundary’
Kanji Tawara
Bulletin of the Society for East Asian Archaeology   2: 19-22   Nov 2009
A history of Vietnamese history: From "Dai Viet Su Ky" to archaeology after 1954.
Kanji Tawara
Anna Karlstrom & Anna Kallen (eds.), Fishbones and Glittering Emblems. Museum of Far Eastern Antiquity: Stockholm.   445-458   Apr 2003   [Invited]
Study on the Archaeology of Ancient Vietnam.
Kanji Tawara
   Feb 2003   [Refereed]


The frontiers of Tsushima Archaeology
Kanji Tawara
The latest in Tsushima archaeology: The Archaeological Journal   (725) 3-5   Apr 2019   [Invited]
A reconsideration of ‘islands-ness’ through archaeological materials from sea areas around Japan, East and Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Ocean : Through some cases of the Tsushima Island, Japan and Vietnam
Kanji Tawara
The Future of the Earth: Insights from island civilizations. Shizuoka Convention & Arts Center GRANSHIP March 16-18, 2019   57-58   Mar 2019
Ceremonial and sacred places (asylum) in Tsushima: A cosmopolitan view on the border between Korea and Japan
Kanji Tawara
The Eighth World Archaeological Congress, Kyoto, Japan, August 28th -September 2nd, 2016(Book of Abstract, WAC-8 Kyoto Program Committee)   322-323   Aug 2016
The kiln fired pottery in northern Vietnam
Kanji Tawara
The Eighth World Archaeological Congress, Kyoto, Japan, August 28th -September 2nd, 2016(Book of Abstract, WAC-8 Kyoto Program Committee)   185-187   Aug 2016
Kanji Tawara
ARCHAEOLOGIA JAPONICA   66 85-90   May 2015

Books etc

KAN: History. Environment, Civilization
May 2019   ISBN:4865782233
The Archaeological, No.725, 2019)
Kanji Tawara (Part:Editor, Special volume, The latest in Tsushima archaeology)
NEW SCIENCE co., ltd.   Apr 2019   ISBN:03817-05
Kanji Tawara
Fukyosha   Oct 2014   ISBN:4894892057
Motto Asia wo Manabou (Invitation to Asian Studies)
Kanji Tawara (Part:Joint Work)
Fukyosha   Dec 2012   
Research Report on Historical Heritages in the Central District of Izuhara-machi, Tsushima City.
Kanji Tawara
Educational Board of Tsushima City, Japan   Feb 2005