Watanabe Kayo

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Watanabe Kayo

Published Papers

Conceptual model of health information ethics as a basis for computer-based instructions for electronic patient record systems.
Okada M, Yamamoto K, Watanabe K
Studies in health technology and informatics   129(Pt 2) 1442-1446   2007   [Refereed]


海野 博資, 柏原 健一, 渡邊 佳代, 岡田 佑介, 小野 悟史, 土井 章弘
診療情報管理 : 日本診療情報管理学会誌   28(1) 72-75   Jun 2016
渡邊 佳代, 馬越 縁, 海野 博資
診療情報管理 : 日本診療情報管理学会誌   26(4) 72-75   Mar 2015
Watanabe Kayo, Okada Mihoko, Hara Heihachiro, Nozawa Ryohei, Teranobu Mieko
Kawasaki medical welfare journal   22(1) 61-70   2012
We have developed a system to support a student who wishes to be Health Information Manager (HIM) as a career. The qualifying examination of HIM is composed of "Medicine", "Health Information Management" and "Classification of Diseases." Questionn...
渡邊 佳代, 岡田 美保子, 原 平八郎, 野澤 亮平, 寺延 美惠子
川崎医療福祉学会誌 = Kawasaki medical welfare journal   22(1) 61-70   2012
Watanabe Kayo, Okada Mihoko, Hara Heihachiro, Teranobu Mieko
Kawasaki medical welfare journal   20(1) 213-221   2010
We developed an educational system called the "EPR (Electronic Patient Record) Laboratory". The system was implemented in a course entitled "Health Information Manager Practice" which forms part of the Department of Health Informatics curriculum. ...