Water Treatment Biology

 We are conducting research projects to elucidate the whole interaction among microorganisms in aquatic environment and water treatment systems and clarify what kind of interaction is manifested in the aquatic environment at the level of genes and population and so on.

Detailed Research Projects
(1) Development of aquatic environment restoration technology using the mechanisms of symbiosis with microorganisms
When water bodies become eutrophic, phytoplankton grows in large quantities, causing many problems in terms of water use. In this study, we focus on phytoplankton predators, protozoa and micro-animals, their symbiotic bacteria, and try to understand mechanisms and roles in aquatic environments and water treatment systems.

(2) Elucidation of the trigger for musty odor production in water reservoirs and river. 
Musty odor (geosmin and 2-methylisoborneol (2-MIB)) on dinking water, agriculture and fishery industries is a problem causing deterioration of the quality of water and products. In order to prevent and to predict the occurrence of musty odor, we are trying to elucidate the trigger of musty odor production in producers, cyanobacteria and actinomycetes.

(3) Formation of (bio) resource recycling system using microbial function
We are conducting research aimed at solving ecological problems of human origin by antibiotics.

(4) Formation of (bio) resource recycling system using microbial function
In order to effectively utilize valuable resources, research to optimize the recovery of energy from organic waste and of useful resource (phosphorus, etc.) from wastewater as a continuous system.