Keiji Tanaka

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Keiji Tanaka
RIKEN Brain Science Institute
Cognitive Brain Mapping Laboratory
Job title
Senior Team Leader
Ph.D. in Neuroscience(University of Tokyo)
Research funding number


The research of Keiji Tanaka has focused on the mechanisms of object vision in the inferotemporal cortex and related regions and the functional division and interaction in goal-oriented behavior in the prefrontal cortex and related brain sites. He uses single-cell recordings, anatomical tracing, and lesion-behavioral techniques in macaques and fMRI in human subjects.

Research Interests


Academic & Professional Experience

Senior Team Leader, RIKEN Brain Science Institute
Head, RIKEN Brain Science Laboratory, Cognitive Brain Mapping Laboratory
Deputy Director, RIKEN Brain Science Institute
Head, RIKEN, Information Science Laboratory
Head, Frontier Research Program, RIKEN, Laboratory for Neural Information Processing
Researcher, NHK Broadcasting Research Laboratories

Published Papers

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Tanaka K
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