Keita Bando

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Keita Bando
Nagoya Gakuin University
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Shuhei OTANI, Keita BANDO
The Journal of Information Science and Technology Association   68(10) 513-519   Oct 2018
Sci-Hub is a pirate site for academic articles. Sci-Hub provides more 64 million academic articles for free. About 85% of the articles that can be downloaded for free from Sci-Hub otherwise require paid access. Sci-Hub therefore infringes upon aca...
Keita Bando
The Journal of Information Science and Technology Association   68(4) 189-195   Apr 2018
Scholarly collaboration networks(SCNs), while originally being a means for networking with fellow researchers, have been increasingly used for sharing research papers. An ensuing problem is unauthorized release of documents in the published format...
Keita Bando
Journal of Information Processing and Management   60(1) 43-49   Apr 2017
Nowadays Online LaTex Editors like Overleaf and Authorea are increasingly being launched. These editors, a new platform supporting researchers to get through the process of writing, posting and being published which university libraries do not giv...
Keita Bando
Journal of Information Processing and Management   58(11) 858-861   Feb 2016
Keita Bando
Current Awareness   (324) 5-7   Jun 2015   [Invited]
Keita Bando
Journal of Information Processing and Management   57(6) 423-428   Sep 2014
Keita Bando
Journal of Information Processing and Management   55(9) 638-646   Dec 2012   [Invited]
In recent years there has been a growing demand for objective article-level assessment of research impact. It has evolved from the trends that social media found its use in research and that the movement toward open access accelerated online disse...
Keita Bando
Igaku Toshokan   59(3) 243-249   Sep 2012   [Invited]
Keita Bando
Journal of Information Processing and Management   55(6) 445-450   Sep 2012   [Invited]

Conference Activities & Talks

Keita Bando
14 Sep 2017   
Keita Bando
Wiley Executive Seminar 2016   31 Jul 2016   
Keita Bando
2016 ORCID Kyushu Workshop   22 Jun 2016   
Keita Bando
The 3rd SPARC Japan Seminar 2015 "Challenges and Possibilities of Emerging Research Information Platforms"   19 Jan 2016   
Keita Bando
The 2nd Altmetrics Conference   7 Oct 2015   
Keita Bando
ORCID-CASRAI Joint Outreach Conference & Codefest   18 May 2015   
Keita Bando
ORCID Outreach Meeting and Codefest in Chicago   21 May 2014   
Keita Bando
22 Jan 2014   
Keita Bando
5 Aug 2012   
Keita Bando
3 Aug 2012   
Keita Bando
The 7th International Conference on Open Repositories   9 Jul 2012   
Keita Bando
9 May 2012   
Keita Bando
CERN workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication   22 Jun 2011   
Keita Bando
The 6th International Conference on Open Repositories   6 Jun 2011   


Jan 2018   EBSCO's Academic Advisory Board Meeting
Sep 2016   San Diego Workshop
Oct 2015   The 2015 Altmetrics Workshop
Oct 2015   The 2nd Altmetrics Conference
May 2015   ORCID-CASRAI Joint Outreach Conference & Codefest
Apr 2015   I ANNOTATE 2015
Aug 2014   Science Foo Camp
May 2014   ORCID Outreach Meeting and Codefest in Chicago
Jul 2012   The 7th International Conference on Open Repositories
Jun 2011   CERN workshop on Innovations in Scholarly Communication


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Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2018
Admissions Center, Nagoya Gakuin University
Oct 2013
Mar 2018
Information Resource Center, Nagoya Gakuin University
Apr 2012
Sep 2013
Student affairs office, Nagoya Gakuin University
Oct 2007
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Financial Affairs Division, Nagoya Gakuin University
Mar 2001
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Admissions Center, Nagoya Gakuin University


Apr 1989
Mar 1992
Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science and Technology, Meijo University