Satoshi Sugiura

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Satoshi Sugiura
Hokkaido University
School of Engineering

Research Areas


Published Papers

安藤宏恵, 倉内文孝, 杉浦聡志
土木計画学研究・講演集(CD-ROM)   52 ROMBUNNO.47   Nov 2015
杉浦聡志, 亀山修一, 坪井勤, 高橋敏彦, 市川晴信
土木学会論文集 E1(舗装工学)(Web)   70(3) I.25-I.31 (J-STAGE)-I_31   2015
 In "Overhaul Procedures for Pavement" issued to the local governments from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, a visual inspection for pavement is used. Minokamo city is carrying forward a plan by senior human resources to introdu...
Satoshi Sugiura, Fumitaka Kurauchi, Akiyoshi Takagi
11 1654-1665   2015   [Refereed]
杉浦聡志, 高木朗義, 倉内文孝
土木学会論文集 D3(土木計画学)(Web)   69(5) I.145-I.152 (J-STAGE)-I_152   2013
Infrastructure asset management system generally determines the optimal maintenance strategy so as to minimize the LCC (Life Cycle Cost) of facilities without considering any accidental deterioration. In reality, however, road facilities are expos...
杉浦聡志, 金森吉信, 高木朗義, 倉内文孝, 森本博昭
土木学会論文集 F4(建設マネジメント)特集号(CD-ROM)   67(4) ROMBUNNO.10-I_112   Dec 2011
 Because of the aging of road facilities and limited budget for the maintenance of them, many local gov ernments in Japan are establishing a maintenance management plan in order for the preventive maintenance. However, such plans mainly focus on e...
鈴木俊之, 杉浦聡志, 高木朗義, 倉内文孝
建設マネジメント研究論文集   16 205-214   Dec 2009
SUZUKI Toshiyuki, SUGIURA Satoshi, TAKAGI Akiyoshi
Doboku Gakkai Ronbunshuu D   25 121-127   2008
In this paper, the decrease of safety and the comfort caused by deterioration of pavement and the cost generated by detour caused when the road pavement was repaired were defined as a user cost, and the influence given to LCC and the best repair s...

Conference Activities & Talks

浅川大, 倉内文孝, PARK Kaechang, 杉浦聡志
土木計画学研究・講演集(CD-ROM)   Jun 2015   
荒木麻里, 倉内文孝, 杉浦聡志
土木計画学研究・講演集(CD-ROM)   Jun 2015   
申奇男, 大野沙知子, 杉浦聡志, 高木朗義
土木計画学研究・講演集(CD-ROM)   Jun 2015   
杉浦聡志, 高木朗義, 倉内文孝
土木計画学研究・講演集(CD-ROM)   Nov 2012   
杉浦聡志, 倉内文孝, 高木朗義
土木計画学研究・講演集(CD-ROM)   Jun 2015