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Job title
Assistant Professor


Our main goal is to develop economically valuable plants using transgenic approaches. Plants are immobile, and evolve their own defense systems against environmental stresses. Several genes responsible to these defense systems have been identified. Our aim here is to generate genetic lines conferring abiotic stress tolerances and to verify their performances. We are also studying impacts of transgenic plants on biological diversity to establish environmental biosafety risk assessment system on transgenic trees.
The salinity tests revealed that the transgenic lines were survived whereas the non-transgenic eucalypts were died under the salinity conditions (Fig. 1). The first Japanese field-trial case of transgenic trees is being performed (Fig. 2). Tree species are perennial, and the evaluation system may have to be elaborated from the modality and its specific methods for annual crop species. We are monitoring long-term changes in the biological diversity, especially soil microbial population structures to fine-tune the evaluation systems for transgenic trees.

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