Kimihiro Mizutani

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Kimihiro Mizutani
Kindai University
Faculty of Science and Engineering Department of Informatics

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2018
Mar 2019
Assistant Manager, NTT West
Apr 2010
Mar 2018
Researcher, Network Innovation Labs, NTT


Oct 2014
Sep 2015
Degree of Doctor, Graduate school of Information Science, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Apr 2008
Mar 2010
Degree of Master, Graduate school of Information Science, Nara Institute of Science and Technology
Apr 2005
Mar 2008
Skip 4th grade, Department of Engineering, Doshisha University

Awards & Honors

Stable Load Balancing with Overlapping ID-space Management in Range-based Structured Overlay Networks, 第21回研究論文賞, 日本ソフトウェア科学会
Winner: Kimihiro Mizutani, Takeru Inoue, Toru Mano, Osamu Akashi, Satoshi Matsuura, Kazutoshi Fujikawa
A Tensor Based Deep Learning Technique for Intelligent Packet Routing, Best Paper Award, IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM)
Winner: B. Mao, Z. Md. Fadlullah, F. Tang, N. Kato, O. Akashi, T. Inoue, and K. Mizutani
An Implementation of a Framework for Integrating Churn Managements among Structured Overlay Networks, 優秀プレゼンテーション賞, 情報処理学会MBL研究会
Winner: 水谷后宏, 洞井晋一, 松浦知史, 藤川和利, 砂原秀樹
A Mobility-Based Mode Selection Technique for fair Spatial Dissemination of Data in Multi-Channel Device-to- Device Communication, Best Paper Award, IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC),
Winner: H. Kuribayashi, K. Suto, H. Nishiyama, N. Kato, K. Mizutani, T. Inoue, and O. Akashi
Dynamic Session Management Based on Reinforcement Learning in Virtual Server Environment, Best Student Paper Award, International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists(IMECS)
Winner: Kimihiro Mizutani, Izumi Koyanagi, and Takuji Tachibana

Published Papers

Kohei Watabe,Toru Mano,Takeru Inoue,Kimihiro Mizutani,Osamu Akashi,Kenji Nakagawa
IEICE Transactions   102-B(1) 76-87   2019   [Refereed]
水谷后宏, 吉田学, 秦崇洋, 社家一平
計測自動制御学会論文集   54(11) 793‐801(J‐STAGE)   2018
Taichi Kawabata,Takashi Kurimoto,Kimihiro Mizutani
2018 IEEE International Symposium on Local and Metropolitan Area Networks, LANMAN 2018, Washington, DC, USA, June 25-27, 2018   125-126   2018   [Refereed]
Bomin Mao,Fengxiao Tang,Zubair Md. Fadlullah,Nei Kato,Osamu Akashi,Takeru Inoue,Kimihiro Mizutani
IEEE Wireless Commun.   25(4) 74-81   2018   [Refereed]
Fengxiao Tang,Bomin Mao,Zubair Md. Fadlullah,Nei Kato,Osamu Akashi,Takeru Inoue,Kimihiro Mizutani
IEEE Wireless Commun.   25(1) 154-160   2018   [Refereed]


水谷后宏, 東田光裕, 増田貴大, 岡本朋子
電子情報通信学会大会講演論文集(CD-ROM)   2018 ROMBUNNO.B‐18‐22   Aug 2018
水谷后宏, 吉田学, 秦崇弘, 社家一平
電子情報通信学会大会講演論文集(CD-ROM)   2018 ROMBUNNO.A‐14‐14   Mar 2018
堤陽祐, 渡部康平, 井上武, 水谷后宏, 間野暢, 明石修, 中川健治
電子情報通信学会大会講演論文集(CD-ROM)   2017 ROMBUNNO.B‐7‐62   Mar 2017
永田尚志, 井上武, 水谷后宏, 間野暢, 明石修
電子情報通信学会大会講演論文集(CD-ROM)   2016 ROMBUNNO.B‐7‐23   Sep 2016
渡部 康平, 井上 武, 水谷 后宏, 間野 暢, 明石 修, 中川 健治
電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報   115(484) 135-140   Mar 2016

Research Grants & Projects

Development of Programmable Overlay Network
Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan: The Mitoh Youth Project
Project Year: Sep 2008 - Mar 2009    Investigator(s): Kimihiro Mizutani