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Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Institute of Global Studies
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MA (International Relations)(Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
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Apr 2009
Professor, Institute of Global Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Apr 2006
Mar 2009
Professor, Faculty Foreign Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Apr 1999
Mar 2006
Associate Professor (as old post name), Faculty Foreign Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Apr 1997
Mar 1999
Associate Professor (as old post name), Kanagawa University
Apr 1986
Mar 1996
Researcher, Institute of Developing Economies

Committee Memberships

Nov 2018
Japanese Association for Chinese Economy and Management  director
Jun 2017
Oct 2016
auditor (Eastern Block)
Apr 2014
Nov 2016
Japanese Association for Chinese Economy and Management  auditor-secretary
Oct 2012
Oct 2016
director(Eastern Block)

Published Papers

The aging demography of Hong Kong as an indicator of "one country two system' dilemma
SAWADA, Yukari
Modern China   (92) 46-50   Sep 2018   [Refereed][Invited]
The paper describes how the "one country two system' functioned as a filter to select labor inflow from the mainland China to Hong Kong, thus kept young unskilled labor out of the territory and accelerated aging in demography.
"In Search of A Sustainable Social Welfare System: The Challenge of Chinese Welfare Mix"
Sawada, Yukari
JC Economic Journal   (296) 14-17   Aug 2018   [Invited]
The paper directs attention to the growing imbalance of the public pension fund in China and how the fund became more dependent on the government subsidies. It implies that these issues emerged as the price for the nation-wide expansion of the fun...
Restructuring Social Welfare System under the "New Normal": Can the Integration of Urban and Rural Social Insurance Reduce Risk?
Sawada, Yukari
Journal of Chinese Economic Studies   13(1) 31-40   Mar 2016   [Invited]
Today, many economists see social welfare reform as a mean to increase domestic consumptionl. However, the result of social insurance reform in the past decade indicates new health insurance and pension system caused the further fragmentation of s...
"Social Welfare in China's Aging Rural Area"
Yukari Sawada
Agriculture & Economy   81(11) 149-160   Dec 2015   [Invited]
The article showed that as the aging speed of rural area had surpassed that of urban, the central government started to promote the integration of rural-urban old age pension system. However, main means of living for the elderly in villages are st...
Yukari Sawada
IDE World Trend   21(8) 20-23   Jul 2015   [Invited]
The paper described how the population census of 2011 was conducted in Hong Kong and analyzed main trend in population mobilization. Special focus is given to the shift to digital-based survey.


Yukari Sawada
The Review of Comparative Social Security Research (Kaigai Shakai Hosho Kenkyu)   (192) 57-61   Sep 2015   [Invited]
The article reviewed Shen Jie's book published in 2014, pointing out its differs from preceding works by historical continuity, influence of Datong thoughts, and political controversies between parties. The book discovered the significance of pseu...
Fumie OHASHI, Migrant Domestic Worker in Modern China: urban-rural relations in context of gender politics in reproduction labour
Gender History   (9) 121-124   Sep 2013   [Invited]
The author offered constructive criticism to the book entitled The Migrant Domestic Workers in Modern China written by Fumie OHASHI.
Hong Kong Economy Today: No Easy Road to Internet Retailers
International Trade   (1905) 3-3   Sep 2010
Hong Kong Economy Today 2: Questionable manner of the tourism industry
Sawada Yukari
International Trade   (1901)    Aug 2010
Hong Kong Economy Today 1: Coming of the territory's first minimum wage ordinance
Sawada Yukari
International Trade   (1906)    Jul 2010

Books etc

Kurata, toru (Part:Joint Work)
May 2019   ISBN:978-4585227007
ONISHI Yasuo (Part:Joint Work, Challenges Ahead for Universal Social Insurance in China: Coping with Embedded Disparity, pp.137-161)
IDE-JETRO   Aug 2013   ISBN:9784258300198
The book was compiled right after the birth of Xi Jinping regime. It listed main issues handed over from the predecessor Hu Jintao and analyzed the starting line for the new regime. The author focused on the social welfare reform. After scrutinizi...
Towards a More Resilient Society: Lessons from Economic Crises (Report of the Social Resilience Project 2011
Mukul Asher 他 (Part:Joint Work, pp.93-109:“What Makes Unemployment Insurance Funds Grow: China’s Challenge to Stabilize Workers and the UI Fund”)
Pacific Economic Cooperation Council   Mar 2012   
Modern China Economy
Hiroyuki Kato, Kazuyoshi Uehara (Part:Joint Work)
Minerva   Mar 2011   ISBN:9784623058761
Life Security System for the Elderly in the Emerging Countries
Koichi Usami, (Part:Joint Work)
JETRO-IDE   Mar 2011   ISBN:9784258045945

Conference Activities & Talks

中国:社会福祉と経済 [Invited]
世界の社会福祉・東アジア研究会   15 Feb 2019   名古屋大学大学院環境学研究科
136th (2018 Spring ) Biannual Conference:   26 May 2018   Japan Association for Social Policy Studies