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Associate Professor


We currently have rich and comfortable days with a large supply of food and energy. On the other hand, we are facing to the serious problems such as frequent occurrences of adult diseases, lacks of food security and relief, climate changes caused by global warming, exhaustions of fossil fuel, etc. Accordingly bio industries, which have rolls in food and energy supply in the 21st, should not only to aim food nutrients and tastes but also attain the security, relief and function for food consumers to gain human health without physical and moral hazards, and furthermore to establish sustainability by the application of unutilized resources such as biomass and organic wastes. In our laboratory, process (unit operation) and system (integrated processes) for bio-resources (raw materials) from agricultural products and food to biomass and organic wastes are designed theoretically and experimentally and their outputs (products) such as food, material and energy are also investigated Through the academic programs in our course, we serve to promote the educated persons who will be in full activity in the bio industry businesses, and contribute to the development of related sciences and technologies by accomplishment of research thesis for the process, system and their outputs. Recent research topics are on vacuum spray drying for heat sensitive food, bio ethanol production system from rice for feeding or dried potato processing residue, wet milling process for new food materials, hydrogen fermentation with microbial fuel cell, solid-liquid extraction for food functional composition, NH3 fermentation for alternative energy, food softening for elder people, etc.

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