Hiroaki FUJII

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Hiroaki FUJII
Hiroaki FUJII
Kanazawa Seiryo University
Faculty of Economics Department of Business Administration

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Academic & Professional Experience

Kanazawa Seiryo University Faculty of Economics Department of Business Administration


藤井 浩明
金沢星稜大学論集 = Journal of Kanazawa Seiryo University   50(2) 61-72   Mar 2017
近藤 秀樹, 藤井 浩明
名古屋産業大学論集   (27) 37-41   Mar 2016
FUJII Hiroaki, KIMURA Makio
名古屋産業大学論集   (25) 59-62   Mar 2015
FUJII Hiroaki
Social policy and labor studies   6(2) 91-102   Jan 2015
This study examines the factors involved in inter-company wage negotiations, based on case studies of the negotiating activities of the Zenkoku-Kinzoku (National Trade Union of Metalworkers) Ishikawa branch and All Japan Seamen's Union. Zenkoku-Ki...

Conference Activities & Talks

The Functions of Employee Representative Systems in the United Kingdom:The Effects of the constituent of Employees Representation and Union Density to Employee Involvement
Hiroaki FUJII・Makio KIMURA
15 Sep 2018   
The Plan of Conversion to Industry-wide Union in Japanese steel industry
Hiroaki FUJII
Japan Association for Social Policy Studies   28 Oct 2017   
Two Case Studies of Inter-Company Wage Negotiations: Metal Working and Marine Transportation
Hiroaki FUJII
1 Jun 2014   
Collective bargaining of Zenkoku-Kinzoku (National Trade Union of Metal and Engineering Workers) : Case study of Ishikawa branch method
Hiroaki FUJII
16 Jun 2012