Kusuto Nanjo

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Kusuto Nanjo
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Dung Quang Le, Tanaka Kentaro, Hii Yii Siang, Sano Yuji, Nanjo Kusuto, Shirai Kotaro
JOURNAL OF SEA RESEARCH   135 1-10   May 2018   [Refereed]
Shirai Kotaro, Koyama Futa, Murakami-Sugihara Naoko, Nanjo Kusuto, Higuchi Tomihiko, Kohno Hiroyoshi, Watanabe Yoshiro, Okamoto Ken, Sano Mitsuhiko
MARINE ECOLOGY PROGRESS SERIES   593 127-139   Apr 2018   [Refereed]
Kanai Takahiro, Nanjo Kusuto, Kohno Hiroyoshi, Sano Mitsuhiko
ICHTHYOLOGICAL RESEARCH   64(4) 470-474   Nov 2017   [Refereed]
Kawaida Shun, Nanjo Kusuto, Kanai Takahiro, Kohno Hiroyoshi, Sano Mitsuhiko
FISHERIES SCIENCE   83(6) 1007-1017   Nov 2017   [Refereed]
A field study in the mangrove estuary in Thailand
Nanjo Kusuto
NIPPON SUISAN GAKKAISHI   81(5) 880   Sep 2015   [Refereed]


南條 楠土, 古賀 洋平, 春原 祥吾, 須田 有輔
水産大学校研究報告   65(4) 229-237   Mar 2017
In order to clarify the effects of drifting macrophyte wracks and other materials on benthic macrofaunal community in sandy beaches, species richness and abundance of small benthic macroinvertebrates and sediment conditions (median grain size, sed...
須田 有輔, 南條 楠土
水産大学校研究報告   65(3) 131-139   Mar 2017
Morphological characteristics of the ridge and runnel topography, an unfamiliar sandy shore microhabitat, was described based on the levelling researches conducted from May 2000 to June 2016 at mesotidal Fukiagehama Beach, southern Kyushu Island, ...
加藤 めい子, 須田 有輔, 南條 楠土
水産大学校研究報告   65(3) 121-130   Mar 2017
The community structures of larval and juvenile surf zone fishes collected from three research sites with different morphodynamic beach types (Kaminokawa: reflective type, Kyoden: intermediate type, Beach park: dissipative type) were investigated ...
関川 宏美, 南條 楠土, 水谷 晃, 河野 裕美
日本生物地理学会会報 = Bulletin of the Biogeographical Society of Japan   71 109-120   Jan 2017
井上 太之, 南條 楠土, 水谷 晃, 北野 忠, 河野 裕美
魚類学雑誌 = Japanese journal of ichthyology   63(2) 63-79   Nov 2016