Masato Kimura

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Masato Kimura
Kanazawa University
Doctor of Science(Kyoto University)


Curriculum Vitae

April 1986 - March 1990 : Faculty of Science, Kyoto University

April 1990 - March 1994 : Graduate School of Science, RIMS, Kyoto University


March 1990 : Bachelor of Science (Mathematics), Kyoto University

March 1992 : Master of Science (Mathematics), Kyoto University

March 1996 : Doctor of Science (Mathematics), Kyoto University

Professional Experience

April 1993 - March 1994 : JSPS research fellowship young scientist

April 1994 - September 1996 : Research Associate at Osaka Kyoiku University

October 1996 - October 2001 : Lecturer at Faculty of Science, Hiroshima University
November 2001 - March 2011 : Associate Professor at Faculty of Mathematics, Kyushu University
April 2007 - March 2008 : Visiting researcher at Nečas Center for Mathematical Modeling
(Czech Technical University in Prague)
April 2011 - March 2013 : Associate Professor at Institute of Mathematics for Industry, Kyushu University
April 2013 - present : Professor at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics,
 Kanazawa University

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2013
Professor, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Kanazawa University
Apr 2011
Mar 2013
Associate Professor, Institute of Mathematics for Industry, Kyushu University
Nov 2001
Mar 2011
Associate Professor, Faculty of Mathematics, Kyushu University
Apr 2007
Mar 2008
Visiting researcher, Nečas Center for Mathematical Modeling (Czech Technical University in Prague)
Oct 1996
Oct 2001
Lecturer, Faculty of Science, Hiroshima University
Apr 1994
Sep 1996
Research Associate, Osaka Kyoiku University
Apr 1993
Mar 1994
JSPS research fellowship young scientist
(DC), Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University


Mar 1996
Doctor of Science, Graduate School of Science, Division of Mathematics, Kyoto University
Apr 1992
Mar 1994
Doctor Course, Graduate School of Science, Division of Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University
Apr 1990
Mar 1992
Master Course, Graduate School of Science, Division of Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University
Apr 1986
Mar 1990
Faculty of Science, Kyoto University

Committee Memberships

Oct 2016
Sep 2018
The Mathematical Society of Japan  Committee member of Applied Mathematics Section

Awards & Honors

Nov 1996
The MSJ Takebe Katahiro Prize, The Mathematical Society of Japan

Published Papers

Unidirectional evolution equations of diffusion type
G. Akagi and M. Kimura
J. Differential Equations   266 1-43   2019   [Refereed]
The gradient flow structure of an extended Maxwell viscoelastic model and a structure-preserving finite element scheme.
M. Kimura, H. Notsu, Y. Tanaka, and H. Yamamoto
Journal of Scientific Computing   78 1111-1131   2019   [Refereed]
Comparing motion of curves and hypersurfaces in Tex
J. Minarcik, M. Kimura, and M. Benes
DCDS-B   24(9) 4815-4826   2019   [Refereed]
A new Lagrange-Galerkin scheme for solving fluid flow in porous media
I. Wijaya, M. Kimura, and H. Notsu
Journal of Physics Conference Series   1245 12007   2019
Shape optimization approach by traction method to inverse free boundary problems
S. Shioda, A. U. Maharani, M. Kimura, H. Azegami, and K. Ohtsuka
Mathematical Analysis of Continuum Mechanics and Industrial Applications (Eds. H. Itou, et al.), Springer   111-123   2017   [Refereed]


Alfat Sayandin, Kimura Masato, Firihu Muhammad Zamrun, Rahmat
高石武史, 田中良巳, 木村正人
日本機械学会計算力学講演会論文集(CD-ROM)   30th(0) ROMBUNNO.248   Sep 2017
Two examples of extention of crack growth model with phase field approach are derived. A crack growth model for visco-elastic material is introduced from exctended free energy which add effect of Maxwell fluid. Another model with effect of H-embri...
山本大輝, 木村正人, 田中良巳, 野津裕史
計算工学講演会論文集(CD-ROM)   22 ROMBUNNO.D‐04‐4   May 2017
加藤純平, 木村正人
日本応用数理学会年会講演予稿集(CD-ROM)   2016 ROMBUNNO.9GATSU14NICHI,11:00,1A,3   2016
山本大輝, 木村正人, 田中良巳, 野津裕史
日本応用数理学会年会講演予稿集(CD-ROM)   2016 ROMBUNNO.POSUTA,3   2016