KOJIMA Yoichiro

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KOJIMA Yoichiro
National Agriculture and Food Research Organization
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Published Papers

Tohno M, Tanizawa Y, Kojima Y, Sakamoto M, Nakamura Y, Ohkuma M, Kobayashi H.
69(4) 964-969   Apr 2019   [Refereed]
Effect on water intake and milk production of supplemental warmed water for dairy cows in winter
KOJIMA Yoichiro, MATSUYAMA Hiroki, ABE Yoshiyuki, MIYAJI Makoto, AMAHA Koichi
The Journal of the Society of Agricultural Structures, Japan   50(1) 1-6   Mar 2019   [Refereed]
KOJIMA Yoichiro,IITAKA Yuichi, NISHI Yohei, Nakanishi Masaru, AMAHA Koichi, ABE Yoshiyuki, ENDO Satoshi
48(4) 225-233   Dec 2017   [Refereed]
KOJIMA Yoichiro
= The Journal of the Society of Agricultural Structure, Japan   48(2) 74-83   Jun 2017   [Refereed][Invited]
KOJIMA Yoichiro, MUROI Koichi, NAGATAKI Keiichi, OKAMOTO Masatsugu, KOSHII Kiyomi, AMAHA Koichi, MATOBA Kazuhiro
農業施設 = Journal of the Society of Agricultural Structures, Japan   48(1) 38-44   Mar 2017   [Refereed]


Development of a technique for reducing dust and ammonia emission from composting facility in which compost is agitated with paddles on a rotating shaft
ABE Yoshiyuki, KOJIMA Yoichiro, AMAHA Koichi, KINOSHITA Tsuyoshi, TAKAYANAGI Kohzi
49(3) 174-179   May 2018
Continuous warmed water supplying system using fermentation heat as heat source
KOJIMA Yoichiro
DAIRY MAN   67(11) 40-41   Oct 2017   [Invited]
ISHIDA Mitsuyoshi, KIDA Tamaki, KOJIMA Yoichiro
農業食料工学会誌 = Journal of the Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery and Food Engineers   78(6) 483-489   Nov 2016   [Invited]
KOJIMA Yoichiro
機械化農業   (3161) 18-22   Oct 2014   [Invited]

Conference Activities & Talks

Supplying Water Warmed by Exhaust Heat from Closed Vertical Composting Facility for Dairy Cows
Y. Kojima, R. Nakakubo, K. Amaha, M. Ishida
2017 ASABE annual international meeting   19 Jul 2017   
Presumption method of composting material weight using fiber content analysis
Y. Kojima, K. Amaha
The 8th International Symposium on Machinery and Mechatronics for Agriculture and Biosystems Engineering (ISMAB)   May 2016   
Binary Power Generation Using Composting Fermentation Heat as Heat Source
Y. Kojima, Y. Iitaka, Y. Nishi, M. Nakanishi, K. Aamaha, Y. Abe, S. Endo
2015 ASABE annual international meeting   Jul 2015   
Mass Balance of and Odorous Gas Emission during Cow Manure Composting with Waste-Derived Bulking Agents
Y. Kojima, Y. Abe
CIGR International Symposium 2011   Sep 2011   
Precision agricultural branding using Near-infrared spectroscopy system
Y. Kojima, S. Shibusawa, R. Fusamura, M. Sonoda
International Conference on Precision Agriculture   Jul 2010