HONDA Kojiro

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HONDA Kojiro
Kanazawa Medical University
Division of Humanities
Job title
Associate Professor
Master of Arts(Hokkaido University), Master of Science(Tokyo Universtiy of Agriculture and Technology), master of literature, Master of Science


I am interested in ...

Philosophy of Technology

Phenomenology of Merleau-Ponty

Sociology of Jean Gabriel Tarde

Ethics of Robotics

Awards & Honors

Mar 2019
Good Teacher Award, Kanazawa Medical University
Jan 2018
Good Teacher Award, Kanazawa Medical University
Dec 2015
Good Teacher Award, Kanazawa Medical University
Feb 2012
The era of Techno-public, 5th Award Runner-up, Nanzan University Institute for Social Ethics
Winner: Kojiro HONDA

Academic & Professional Experience

Jul 2016
Associate Professor, General Education Department (Humanities), Kanazawa Medical University
Apr 2012
Jun 2016
Assistant Professor, General Education Department (Humanities), Kanazawa Medical University
Apr 2008
Mar 2011
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Doshisha University
Apr 2005
Mar 2008
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Fundamental Education, Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Apr 2005
Mar 2008
Assistant Professor, Kanazawa Institute of Technology
Apr 2008
Mar 2011
Assistant Professor, Doshisha University


Apr 2000
Mar 2008
Philosophy and Cultural Sciences, Graduate School of Letters, Hokkaido University
Apr 1997
Mar 2000
Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Letters, Hokkaido University
Apr 1995
Mar 1997
Department of Bio-functions and Systems Science, Graduate School of Bio-Applications and Systems Engineering, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Apr 1991
Mar 1995
Department of Material Science and Bio-science, Faculty of Technology, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Apr 1987
Mar 1990
Shonan high school

Research Grants & Projects

JSPS: Kaken C
Project Year: Apr 2019 - Mar 2021    Investigator(s): YARA Tomohiko
Project Year: Apr 2018 - Mar 2021
Project Year: Jun 2018 - Mar 2020
Project Year: 2016 - 2019
Project Year: 2016 - 2018

Books etc

直江 清隆, 盛永 審一郎 (Part:Joint Work, Robot Ethics, Brain-Machine-Interface, ODA)
丸善出版   Jun 2015   ISBN:9784621089460
東京大学出版会   Mar 2015   ISBN:9784130461153
晃洋書房   May 2012   ISBN:9784771023307
丸善出版   Jan 2012   
Jan 2012   ISBN:9784864430005
Maruzen   May 2008   ISBN:9784621079867
[高等教育シリーズ] TA実践ガイドブック (高等教育シリーズ)
小笠原 正明・西森 敏之・瀬名 波栄潤 (Part:Joint Work, Active Learning Class)
玉川大学出版部   Sep 2006   

Published Papers

HONDA Kojiro
We have talked and communicated with our neighbors since we got learned the first language. In the communications, we have taken it for granted that other people have their own consciousness and they can feel and think like ourselves.
By the way, ...
45 27-37   Dec 2017
Autonomy of the Techno-public-Fukushima Nuclear Accident Revisited
HONDA Kojiro
12 215-226   May 2016   [Refereed]
 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster was prepared in the “Safety Dogma.” The dogma’s main mention was that there would not be any accident in Japanese nuclear industry forever. Why did we build such a stupid myth? At the beginning of Japan’s nuclear indust...
我慢と無責任 ―戦後日本の社会規範と福島原発事故―
41:25-46    Dec 2013
28 21-36   Nov 2013

Conference Activities & Talks

Collaboration of Teachers from both of Science Course and Humanity Course [Invited]
HONDA Kojiro
30 Oct 2019   HASHIMOTO Masaru
HONDA Kojiro
ITEC Seminar at Doshisha University   15 Oct 2019   TAGUCHI Satoshi
Science Ethics Education: Integrating Humanities and Science [Invited]
HONDA Kojiro
The First Meeting of Reiko Ymada's STEM education research group   22 Aug 2019   Reiko Yamada
Shinto-ism and Bio-Medical Ethics
HONDA Kojiro
26 Jul 2019   AKIBA Etsuko
Theology of Ancient Shinto-ism and Japanese Robot-culture
HONDA Kojiro
The 11th Beyond Humanism Conference   11 Jul 2019   the Catholic University of Lille
Constructing Triune System for Freshmen's Education: The Experience of KMU
HONDA Kojiro
Japan Association for College and University Education   1 Jun 2019   Japan Association for College and University Education
初年次教育から医学教育へ ~教養科目と専門科目の垂直統合~
11 May 2019   
HONDA Kojiro
11th Annual Meeting: Japan Association for the Contemporary and Applied Philosophy   21 Apr 2019   Japan Association for the Contemporary and Applied Philosophy
27 Mar 2019   
Military Research and Communality of Science [Invited]
HONDA Kojiro
The Institute of Electronics, Informations and Communication Engineers (IEICE)   20 Mar 2019   
19 Mar 2019   
Between Care and Cure: Ethics of Science and Medicine [Invited]
HONDA Kojiro
KMU Clinical Trial Center Workshop   18 Mar 2019   Kanazawa Medical University
HONDA Kojiro
Roboethics: Humans, Machines and Health (Pontifical Academy for Life 2019)   26 Feb 2019   PONTIFICIA ACADEMIA PRO VITA
When a Japanese engineer, Takanori Shibata, invented the seal-like robot “Paro”, which was developed for caring elder people, there began arguments for and against it in the Western world. On the one hand Danish government soon decided to introdu...
HONDA Kojiro
21 Oct 2018   TANAKA Tomohiro
三科目を連動させた初年次教育システムの構築 ~金沢医科大学の試み~
HONDA Kojiro
6 Sep 2018   
科学の倫理と医療倫理~医療倫理の難しさはどこにあるのか~ [Invited]
21 Jul 2018   
Potential of Body-conservatism
HONDA Kojiro
Phtr2018 Philosophy of Human-Technology Relations   12 Jul 2018   Twente University
Rapid progress of technologies ---such as Gene-technology, Nanotechnology, and Robotic-technology, seems to transform our own human body. These technologies would enhance human body so completely that we can’t predict how deeply they would change ...
HONDA Kojiro
Symposium: Robots and Artificial Intelligence in Contemporary Japanese Society   10 Jul 2018   Sophia University Institute of Comparative Culture
For many decades, robots and artificial intelligence have been part of a technological imagination that fuels research in the sciences in Japan. Since 2014, they have been central figures in the “committee for realizing the robotic revolution,” an...
Cultural Inheritance Mediated by Social robots ?
HONDA Kojiro
3rd Dutch-Japanese Workshop on Philosophy of Technology   6 Jul 2018   Tohoku University
HONDA Kojiro
ETHConf2018 Investigating transhumanisms and their narratives   21 Jun 2018   Lille Catholic University
医学部初年次教育の標準型をめざす模索― PBL, AW, CT の三位一体教育システムとその展開 ― [Invited]
20 May 2018   
HONDA Kojiro
Appropriate distance between humans and machines: Robot, AI, and Enhancement – Beneficial AI Japan   12 May 2018   Policy Alternatives Research Center
身体保守主義について [Invited]
18 Feb 2018   
HONDA Kojiro
11 Nov 2017   
16 Sep 2017   
三つの教育手法を連動させる試み [Invited]
28 Aug 2017   
Phenomenological Status of Prosthesis
HONDA Kojiro
The International Society for Theoretical Psychology (ISTP) 2017   25 Aug 2017   Rikkyo University
HONDA Kojiro
The Development of (Social) Robots for Health Care Scenarios: Hopes, Concerns and Limits   26 Jul 2017   The German Institute for Japanese Studies (DIJ)
21 世紀のネオ・ラッディズム ~人工知能が引き起こす労働問題~
21 Jul 2017   
医学部初年次教育の標準型をめざす模索 ― PBL, AW, CT の 三位一体教育システム の構築 とその展開 ―   [Invited]
20 May 2017   
Body Transformation – World Transformation [Invited]
HONDA Kojiro
84th Biomec Forum   15 Apr 2017   Oosaka University
Guideline for Ethical Judgments [Invited]
GSDM Lecture   2 Mar 2017   
From Engineering ethics to roboethics: A (failure) Case of Japan [Invited]
HONDA Kojiro
Workshop “Critical Perspectives on Japanese Robotics”   17 Feb 2017   Hanse-Wissenschaftskolleg
補綴、拡張、サイボーグ [Invited]
7 Jan 2017   
ロボットと身体の融合:リハビリテーションかエンハンスメントか [Invited]
15 Oct 2016   
テクノパブリックの自律―福島原発事故再考― [Invited]
13 Sep 2016   
金沢医科大学の初年次教育とクリティカル・シンキング導入の経緯 [Invited]
10 Mar 2016   
What Kind of educational effect Will robots have on human ?
HONDA Kojiro
2nd Dutch – Japanese Workshop in Philosophy of Technology   27 Feb 2016   Shiinoki Cultural Complex, Ishikawa Prefecture
倫理教育の授業設計と成績評価 [Invited]
12 Dec 2015   
ロボット倫理憲章の作成を目指して [Invited]
16 Oct 2015   
Two Origins of Science Policy in Japan: Liberty or Regulation?
HONDA Kojiro
Society for Philosophy of Technology 2015   4 Jul 2015   The Northern Eastern University (China)
Triune System of Freshmen's Education: Project Based Learning&Academic Writing&Critical Thinking
26 Apr 2015   Tohoku University
25 Apr 2015   
16 Mar 2015   
Developing a ‘Charter of Roboethics’: from a Retrospective to a Proactive Approach in Robot Technology Engineering [Invited]
HONDA Kojiro
The Symposium “Roboethics”: Technology Assessment and Responsible Innovation in Japan and Germany   4 Dec 2014   Japanisch-Deutsches Zentrum Berlin, JDZB
Robotics and ethics of enhancement
HONDA Kojiro
ICAE2014 International Conference of Applied Ethics   1 Nov 2014   
29 Jun 2014   
Robots? Design and Ethics of Enhancement
18 Jun 2014   Peter-Paul Verbeek & Kojiro HONDA (Twente University
Liberty and Regulation in Science Policy I
Japan Association for the Contemporary and Applied Philosophy 2014   10 May 2014   Kansai University
我慢と無責任 ―戦後日本の社会規範と福島原発事故
29 Sep 2013   
Chair of Panel A “Social Implementation of Robotics in Japan and Its Ethical Implication
HONDA Kojiro
SPT2013   7 Jul 2013   Society for Philosophy of Technology
Japanese engineering ethics and roboethics
HONDA Kojiro
Society for Philosophy of Technology 2013   7 Jul 2013   the School of Economics and Management of the Technical university of Lisbon
Academic liberty and academic regulation: Fukushima disaster invoking the old and new problem
HONDA Kojiro
SPT2013   5 Jul 2013   Society for Philosophy of Technology
Japanese engineering ethics and roboethics
HONDA Kojiro
Society for Philosophy of Technology 2013   4 Jul 2013   the School of Economics and Management of the Technical university of Lisbon
Chair of Panel A “Social Implementation of Robotics in Japan and Its Ethical Implication
HONDA Kojiro
SPT2013   4 Jul 2013   Society for Philosophy of Technology
30 Mar 2013   
ArkinのGoverning Lethal behavior in autonomous Robotsの序章と第1章の要訳
8 Mar 2013   
1 Mar 2013   
世間・社会・原発―科学知識は誰のものか [Invited]
13 Oct 2012   
Liberty, Democracy, and Public Opening: Post-war Social Ethos and Fukushima Disaster
HONDA Kojiro
Japan Association for the Contemporary and Applied Philosophy 2012   22 Apr 2012   Chiba University
Development of Humanoid Robots and Ethics of Enhancement
HONDA Kojiro
Japan Association for the Contemporary and Applied Philosophy 2012   21 Apr 2012   Chiba University
10 Dec 2011   
HONDA Kojiro
4 Dec 2011   Takachiho University
Popularization of Hi-tech Goods and 'Techno-Public'
HONDA Kojiro
Japan Association for the Contemporary and Applied Philosophy 2011   24 Sep 2011   Kyoto University
Derivation of the “Japan Disease”―The Social Norms in Postwar Japan and The Nuclear Accident in Fukushima [Invited]
HONDA Kojiro
ISIS 2011 At Institute for Manufacturing, Cambridge   23 Aug 2011   Cavendish HITACHI
29 Aug 2010   
Freshmen's Education in Doshisha Univerity, Faculty of Commerce [Invited]
HONDA Kojiro
15th FD Forum in University Consortium Kyoto   6 Mar 2010   Doshisha University
技術者倫理教育における教育効果の測定―考え方と実践例― [Invited]
11 Dec 2009   
Risks of Technology and Market System
8 Jul 2009   Twente University
  It is generally acceptive that new technology would give the convenience to our life. New technology can be recognized as the source of wealth because it can make new needs among people who want affluence. So they invest in research and developm...
Artifacts as Landmark Commodity
Applied Ethics: The Third International Conference in Sapporo   20 Nov 2008   Hokkaido University
Market and Engineering Ethics
Applied Ethics: The Second International Conference in Sapporo   24 Nov 2007   Hokkaido University
Assessment and Evaluation of Ethical Reasoning Skills in KIT
HONDA Kojiro
Japanese Society for Science and Technology Studies 2007   11 Nov 2007   
 In Kanazawa Institute of Technology (KIT) we started the Science-Engineering Ethics (SEE) Course as compulsory subject. There are 6 professors for this course. And all professors use the same material (text book, PPT files, assignments, etc.) for...
技術者倫理教育と倫理的判断能力測定の試み [Invited]
21 Sep 2007   
科学技術者倫理教育における教育効果測定の試み ~金沢工業大学における実践例~
4 Aug 2007   
技術と責任倫理: 三木技術論の可能性
12 Nov 2006   
11 Nov 2006   
13 Nov 2005   
12 Nov 2005   
5 Sep 2004   


Kojiro Honda
The Importance of Philosophical / Ethical Education in First Year Experience
上村 崇, 神埼 宣次, 紀平 知樹, 小城 拓理, 本田 康二郎
大学教育論叢創刊号 = Bulletin of University Education Center, Fukuyama University Studies in Higher Education (No.1)   (1) 97-106   Mar 2015
From Engineering Ethics to Roboethics: The Example of Japan
(28) 21-36   2013
世間・社会・原発 : 科学知識は誰のものか (日本倫理学会第六十三回大会 主題別討議報告) -- (原発に対して倫理学は何を言えるのか)
62 82-85   2013   [Invited]

Social Contribution

スーパーアカデミア 最先端と最前線の超一級講座
[Lecturer]  18 Mar 2017
Guideline for Ethical Judgments
[Lecturer]  Global Leader Program for Social Design and Management(GSDM), Tokyo University  Let's play a game and broaden our ethical horizons in decision-making  (Tokyo University)  2 Mar 2017
学術講演会 医学とロボット
[Commentator]  9 Aug 2014
カフェ 「震災を忘れず、忘れられないために」
[TV or radio appearance]  23 Feb 2012