Kota Miura

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Kota Miura
The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Area Studies
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Ph.D. Student
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Awards & Honors

Scholarship, Takaku Foundation

Published Papers

Kota Miura
Latin America Ronshu   (52) 1-27   Dec 2018   [Refereed]
Kota Miura
Latin America Report   35(1) 1-16   Jul 2018   [Refereed]
Kota Miura
Anales de estudios latinoamericanos   (37) 115-134   Jul 2017   [Refereed]
Analysis of the Chilean Student Movement’s Mobilization via Political Process Model (2000-2014)
Kota Miura
Master's thesis, Department of Area Studies, The University of Tokyo      Feb 2016   [Refereed]


Kota Miura
Latin America Report   36(1) 77   Jul 2019
Kota Miura
Ajia Keizai, Quarterly Journal of Institute of Developing Economies   60(2) 91-94   Jun 2019
Kota Miura
Latin America Report   35(2) 99   Jan 2019

Conference Activities & Talks

How Can Event Analysis Be Applied to Discourse Analysis in Social Movement Studies? Case of the Chilean Student Movement on Higher Education
Kota Miura
LASA2019 Nuestra América: Justice and Inclusion   27 May 2019   
Del problema gremial al problema estructural:Construcción del problema de educación superior en el movimiento estudiantil en Chile de 2000s
Kota Miura
LASA2019 Nuestra América: Justice and Inclusion   25 May 2019   
Kota Miura
Japan-Latin America Academic Conference   29 Sep 2018   
Comparación entre los procesos políticos de educación superior de Chile y Japón enfocando los discursos
Kota Miura
LASA 2018 Estudios Latinoamericanos en un Mundo Globalizado   26 May 2018   
Analysis on Effects of Chilean Student Movements Focusing on the Relationship between Social Movements and Mass Media
Kota Miura
38th Annual Congress of Japan Association for Latin American Studies   3 Jun 2017   
Have Chilean Student Movements Stimulated Discussion on Education in Newspapers? (2000-2016)
Kota Miura
LASA 2017 Diálogos de Saberes   1 May 2017   
Kota Miura
Chile-Japan Academic Forum at Patagonia 2016   8 Nov 2016   
Purposes of the Use of Twitter’s Hashtags and its Change: A Case Study of Chilean Student Movement from 2011 to 2015
Kota Miura
Third ISA Forum of Sociology   11 Jul 2016   
Kota Miura
UTokyo LAINAC 2016 International Workshop   15 Jan 2016   

Teaching Experience

  • Spanish Language (University of Yamanashi, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Rikkyo Niiza Senior High School)