Ueda Kyoko

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Ueda Kyoko
Sophia University
Faculty of Human Sciences, Department of Sociology
Job title
M.A. in Comparative Education(Institute of Edu University of London)
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Research Areas


Published Papers

Zoning of Disaster Risk Area in Tsunami-Prone Communities: A Community which No Longer Accepts the Newcomer Households
UEDA Kyoko
Social Theory and Dynamics   (7) 92-116   Oct 2014   [Refereed]
Why do Survivors of a Tsunami Return to the Coast?: A Rational behind their History of Disasters
UEDA Kyoko
Journal of Environment Sociology   (18) 60-80   Nov 2012   [Refereed]
UEDA Kyoko, TORIGOE Hiroyuki
International Journal of Japanese Sociology   21(1) 21-29   Mar 2012

Conference Activities & Talks

Bridging the Islands: A Miracle Tool or Burdensome Legacy?
Ueda, Kyoko
19th ISA World Congress of Sociology (15-21, July)   19 Jul 2018   
A Bridge for an Island: a Solution for Isolation or a Tool of Domination?
6th International Symposium on Environmental Sociology in East Asia   20 Oct 2017   
Can Inexperienced People Transmit the Disaster Memory? :Transmission of repeated Tsunami to future generations.
International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences Inter Congress 2016   4 May 2016   
Why do sufferers of great earthquake conduct the traditional events under evacuation orders? Lessons from tsunotsuki-bullfighting after the Niigata Chuets earthquake
UEDA Kyoko
The Inter-Congress of International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences with Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology   15 May 2014   
Seawall Construction after the Attack of Tsunami:a mistaken boundary of fishing villages
Aug 2013   
The Right to Live by the Coast after an Experience of Huge Scale of Tsunami: a case study of a fishing-village of the survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake
UEDA Kyoko
The ⅩⅢ World Congress of Rural Sociology   Jul 2012