KIMURA Kunihiro

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KIMURA Kunihiro
Tohoku University
Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Department of Human Sciences, Behavioral Science,Behavioral Science
Job title


I am conducting quantitative analyses of social attitudes, mathematical analyses of social decision making, and studies for improving the methods of social research, and so on, from an interdisciplinary perspective based on sociological social psychology.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2008
Professor, School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University.

Books etc

Kunihiro Kimura (Part:Editor)
Melbourne: Trans Pacific Press   Apr 2011   ISBN:9781920901646
Kunihiro Kimura
Tokyo: Kawade-Shobo-Shinsha   Aug 2006   ISBN:4309243908
Kunihiro Kimura
Kyoto: Minerva   May 2002   ISBN:4623035166
Jun'ichi Kobayashi, Kunihiro Kimura (Part:Joint Work)
Kyoto: Nakanishiya   Apr 1997   ISBN:4888483604
Jun'ichi Kobayashi, Kunihiro Kimura (Part:Joint Editor)
Kyoto: Minerva   Oct 1991   ISBN:9784623021260

Published Papers

Kunihiro Kimura, Kazunari Yamada, Tokunori Ishizaka, Katsuya Tasaki, Shuichi Ukiya, Junichi Taniguchi
Japanese Journal of Applied Psychology   43(2) 158-184   Nov 2017   [Invited]
Gender-Based Discrimination, Inequality and Marriage
Kunihiro Kimura
Minorities and Diversity, edited by Kunihiro Kimura. Melbourne: Trans Pacific Press   1-14   Apr 2011
Kunihiro Kimura
Discrimination in an Unequal World, edited by Miguel Angel Centeno and Katherine S. Newman. New York: Oxford University Press      Sep 2010   [Refereed][Invited]
Kunihiro Kimura
The Annual Report of Tohoku Sociological Society   (38) 31-41   Jul 2009   [Refereed][Invited]
Three Models of the Problem of Pollution: Social Dilemmas and the Group Size
Kunihiro Kimura
Dilemmas between Individual and Social Rationalities, edited by Gaku Doba and Mikiko Shinoki   53-75   Mar 2008   [Invited]


Kunihiro Kimura, Shunsuke Uehara
Proceedings of the Annual Meetings of the Japanese Society of Social Psychology   59 264-264   Aug 2018
Social Differentiation and the Gini Coefficient
KIMURA Kunihiro
Encyclopedia of the Application of Sociological Theory   454-455   Jul 2017   [Invited]
Kunihiro Kimura, Shohei Yoda
Proceedings of the Annual Meetings of the Behaviormetric Society of Japan   40 121-124   Sep 2012
Miyuki Oyama, Kunihiro Kimura
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Satomi Hasegawa, Kunihiro Kimura
Proceedings of the Annual Meetings of the Behaviormetric Society of Japan   34 178-181   Aug 2006

Conference Activities & Talks

Layout Effects in the measurement of Subjective Social Position [Invited]
Kunihiro Kimura, Shunsuke Uehara
Symposium on the Science of Asking Questions   12 Jan 2019   
Symposium: Developments in Basian Approach (Comentator) [Invited]
KIMURA Kunihiro
The 82nd Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association   26 Sep 2018   Japanese Psychological Association
Layout Effects in Survey Responses: How the Verbal and Numerical Labels affect Subjective Social Position
Kunihiro Kimura, Shunsuke Uehara
The 46th Annual Meeting of the Behaviormetric Society   6 Sep 2018   Behaviormetric Society
New Methods for Pilot Studies in Survey Research: Random Assignment Experimentation and Statistical Modeling
KIMURA Kunihiro
The 46th Annual Meeting of the Behavirmetric Society   6 Sep 2018   Behaviormetric Society
Exploring Heterogeneity in the Ways of Thinking: Hayashi's Quantification Theory, Latent Structure Analysis, and Bayesian Modeling
KIMURA Kunihiro
The 46th Annual Meeting of Behaviormetric Society   4 Sep 2018   Behaviormetric Society


Social Stratification and Social Mobility Survey 1995 (Member of the research project)
Social Stratification and Social Mobility Survey 1985 (Member of the research project)