Takayuki OKADA

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Takayuki OKADA
Tokyo Medical and Dental University
Graduate School of Medical and Dental Sciences Medical and Dental Sciences Cognitive and Behavioral Medicine Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
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Published Papers

Ando K, Soshi T, Nakazawa K, Noda T, Okada T
Front Psychiatry   7 144-144   Aug 2016   [Refereed]
The Medical Treatment and Supervision Act (MTSA) was enacted in 2005 in Japan to promote the reintegration of clinical offenders with mental disorders into society. Under the MTSA, individuals who committed serious crimes in a state of insanity or...
Soshi T, Noda T, Ando K, Nakazawa K, Tsumura H, Okada T
Front Psychiatry   6 141-141   2015
Impulsivity is widely related to socially problematic behaviors and psychiatric illness. Previous studies have investigated the relationship between response inhibition and impulsivity. However, no study has intensively examined how impulsivity co...
Soshi T, Noda T, Ando K, Nakazawa K, Tsumura H, Okada T
BMC Neurosci   16(1) 87-87   2015
BACKGROUND: Sensori-perceptual processing of emotional stimuli under attentive conditions effectively prevents response disinhibition. This is observed saliently in low-impulsive people, because of their high sensitivity to warning signals, such a...

Conference Activities & Talks

Recidivism and suicide rate of patients discharged from forensic psychiatric wards in Jap
Koji Takeda, Takako Nagata, Norio Sugawara, Taro Matsuda, Akihiro Shimada, Takayuki Okada, Naotsugu Hirabayashi
Annual Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services   13 Jun 2018   International Association of Forensic Mental Health Services
In 2005, forensic mental health care services based on the Medical Treatment and Supervision Act were
initiated in Japan. However, there are few data on outpatient prognosis. We aimed to reveal the
recidivism and suicide rates for forensic outpati...
Social Safety Nets - Crime Prevention, Correction and Victim Protection of Random Killing Spree cases [Invited]
Okada T
2016 Judicial Protection and Crime Prevention Forum: Strengthen Cooperation and Future Challenges   16 Dec 2016   Taiwan Ministry of Justicse
Indiscriminate Mass Murders in Japan
Okada T
The 17th Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists (PRCP) Scientific Meeting   3 Nov 2016   Pacific Rim College of Psychiatrists
Preliminary development and validity assessment of a culture-free version of the NRIPS and NCNP’s Forensic Ability Screening Test(N2-FAST)
Watanabe K,Ono S,Wachi T,Yokota K,Otsuka Y,Hirama K,Ando K,Okada T
The 31st International Congress of Psychology (ICP2016)   24 Jul 2016   The Japanese Psychological Association