Lee Kunjae

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Lee Kunjae
Japan University of Economics

Research Areas


Published Papers

A Study on localization strategy of Korean “Samsung Electronics” in China Expansion
Lee Kunjae
46(2) 133-146   Mar 2017
A Study on How to Use TV Dramas in the Korean Language Education
Lee Kunjae
46(1) 171-184   Dec 2016
A Study on the understanding of brands in non-agreement problems and their solutions
Lee kunjae
45(1) 154-157   Dec 2015
A Study on Global Marketing Strategies of Korean Enterprises
Lee kunjae
(7) 183-192   Dec 2011
The actual condition and the strategy of a brand of agricultural products in Japan
Lee kunjae
(2) 159-166   Apr 2006
Research on the individuality and fragment nature in an understanding of a brand and its property-value
Lee kunjae
(1) 138-151   Jun 2005