Moritaka Hosotsubo

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Moritaka Hosotsubo
M Hosotsubo
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Moritaka Hosotsubo, Nishii Ryuei
Scientometrics   1-20   Jul 2016   [Refereed]
Statistical Analysis of the Awarding of Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research to Faculty Members of Japanese National Universities and Significance to Policy Making
Moritaka Hosotsubo, Ryuei NIshii
Proceedings of the 36th Symposium on Remote Sensing for Environmental Sciences   1-13   Aug 2014
Moritaka Hosotsubo
Scientometrics   86 405-430   Jan 2011
The aim of this study is to use the Japanese university employee list (published by Kojunsha) to compile a database of teacher transferrals in higher education (HM-DB) at 9 points in time over the 21-year period from 1988 to 2008, and then to use ...
Moritaka Hosotsubo
Journal of Math-for-Industry   1(1) 73-80   Apr 2009   [Refereed][Invited]


Moritaka Hosotsubo, Kei Kano, Asako Okamura
269 1-86   Dec 2017
In September 2017, Social Survey on Science and Technology and Society was implemented by the Cabinet Office. In this survey we NISTEP served as the competent government agency. As a principal direction of survey design, we tried to retain the con...
Moritaka Hosotsubo, Kei Kano, Asako, Okamura
調査資料(265) 1-167   Aug 2017
As a result of the Internet survey in May 2017, the degree of interest in science and technology
(ST) and the trust to scientists were lower than the previous observations. In addition, "The life
becomes more convenient and comfortable as ST advan...
Moritaka Hosotsubo, Kei Kano, Asako Okamura
Research Material   256 1-224   Feb 2017
This study explores to construct indicators of public attitude to science and technology for cross-country and time-series comparison, using available data from Japan (2016 from internet survey; 1995 to 2010 from public opinion survey) and those o...
Moritaka Hosotsubo
STI Horizon   2(3) 43-48   Sep 2016
Moritaka Hosotsubo
Discussion Paper   138 1-128   Aug 2016
Since the damage each natural disaster brings and the influence to public attitude are different
according to the concrete situation, it is necessary to analyze public attitude and the difference in both of
a disaster area and the whole country. B...
Moritaka Hosotsubo
Discussion Paper   130 1-69   Feb 2016
When Nobel prizes were won by Japanese, people have more interests for Nobel prizes. The structure of those enhanced interest strata was analyzed in this report by propensity score matching from internet research panel data before and after winnin...
Moritaka Hosotsubo
Research Material   244 1-130   Dec 2015
From social statistical causual estimate of web survey, I proved the concrete formative factor of
Sincerity Propagation Hypothesis (SPH) which the emphasis of explanation and sincerity has
passed the political trust necessaliy through the emphasis...
Moritaka Hosotsubo
Discussion Paper   118    Apr 2015
I analyzed following three from "the Public Attitude Survey to Science and Technology" of
February, 2014 and October.
As experiences from Elementary to High school to enhance Science and Technology Interest Level,
4 factors, such as the thing reso...
Moritaka Hosotsubo
Discussion Paper   107    Jun 2014
The next became clear as the result of Statistical Analysis of Science and Technology Interest Level, Nobel Prize Award Interest Level, and The Science and Technology Contribution Expect Degree to The Japanese Economic Maintenance or Improvement i...
Moritaka Hosotsubo
Discussion Paper   46    Feb 2008
Moritaka Hosotsubo, Terutaka Kuwahara
Research Material   131    Oct 2006

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