Mitsuru NODA

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Mitsuru NODA
Tokyo Metropolitan University
Faculty of Urban Environmental Sciences Division of Nature-and Culture-based Tourism

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藤井真麻, 後藤春彦, 野田満, 森田椋也, 山崎義人
都市計画論文集(CD-ROM)   51(2-3) ROMBUNNO.Vol.51No.3,136   Oct 2016
野田満, 後藤春彦, 山崎義人
日本建築学会計画系論文集   80(717) 2533-2543   Nov 2015
 The purpose of this study is to clarify the constructing of machizukuri system based by residents' activities on hometown tax through a case study on "Autonomy Institution of Machizukuri of Ikeda" in Ikeda Town, Fukui Prefecture.<br> The results ...
Fujii Maasa, Goto Haruhiko, Noda Mitsuru, Morita Ryoya, Yamazaki Yoshito
Journal of the City Planning Institute of Japan   51(3) 1168-1173   2016
Since the 1990s, there have been the various efforts in acceptance and settlement of outside supporters, as well as their improvement as leaders in depopulated mountainous areas. However, the method of cooperation with outside supporters after the...
小林大祐, 後藤春彦, 山崎義人, 野田満
都市計画論文集(CD-ROM)   50(2-3) ROMBUNNO.VOL.50NO.3,150-1315   Oct 2015
The following research evaluates the validity of hunting area system from farmer's point of view, and clarifies today's issue of using hunting area system for preservation of regional industry. By comprehending failure of hunting area system and t...