Maruyama Akiyoshi

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Maruyama Akiyoshi

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Enshrined gods, functions, and mythological foundations of ‘Daijousai,’ ‘Shinjousai,’ and ‘Kanimake’
   Dec 2018   [Invited]
This research discussed the issue that enshrined gods, functions and mythological foundations of ‘Daijousai,’ ‘Shinjousai,’ and ‘Kanimake.’ I proved that these three rituals consist of the same notion from Japanese myth and its religious and polit...
Comparative study on gods presented as humans(‘Arahitogami’)
51    Apr 2018   [Invited]
I discussed the issue that the Emperor is not an only living god, but there are some living gods in Japan from the ancient era. They were the ruler of either religion and politics in each province. There are four living gods, and three rituals to ...
Another myth of origins on ‘Kagura’: the structural analysis on ‘kamiasobi’ in the ‘Shinjo’ rite originating ‘Naishidokoro mikagura,’ and its myth of origins
   Mar 2018   [Invited]
This research proved that the ‘Kagura’ which is played in the Imperial court is originated from the myth of ‘Sendaikujihongi’ and ‘Kogosyui’. Moreover, I discussed that it is probable that the ‘Kamiasobi’ in ‘Shinjo’ ritual is traced back to the 8...
The significance of ‘Asobi’ on ritual terms: ‘Kamiasobi’, ‘Asobibe’
   Mar 2017   [Invited]
I discussed the issue that the word of ‘Asobi’ is normally understood as doing amusing things, but in rituals, ‘Asobi’ is to release people’s spirits from their bodies and to be a kind of god joining doing amusing things with gods.
Collection of the fragments of the journal by ‘Geki’I
40    2017
As a project team conducted by Prof. KIMOTO, Yoshinobu at Ryukoku University, we collected the fragments of the journal by ‘Geki’(a section in ancient Japanese Imperial court, which submitted reports to the Emperor and handled political ceremonies...

Books etc

Sep 2015   ISBN:9784838232864
Accepted as a dissertation at Daito Bunka University.
In spite of the importance of the notion of ‘harae’(purification), little research has been done on ‘harae’. This is the first comprehensive research book on ‘harae’, and it includes the classi...