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1 2018

The Potato Genome

  • Swarup Kumar Chakrabarti
  • ,
  • Conghua Xie
  • ,
  • Jagesh Kumar Tiwari

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Potato Genetic Resources
Springer International Publishing
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A very narrow genetic base of cultivated potato has permitted the collection and conservation of its landraces and wild relatives as sources of resistant and agronomically desirable traits. Despite its importance for identifying genetic materials and understanding diversity, potato taxonomy
is complex and problematic due to the crossability, polyploidy, and reproductive nature of the potato species. Currently, the collected germplasm is preserved in gene banks around the world and distributed to potato researchers with accompanying data. Many gene banks maintain potato collections in vitro, and technological innovations have been developed to assure the long-term preservation of potato genetic resources. Release of the first draft sequence of the potato genome reaffirms the importance of potato genetic resources. Collaboration
between potato researchers and gene bank curators promotes the effective use of the genetic resources. Application of next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies would accelerate germplasm management, the
evaluation of genetic diversity in situ and ex situ, and conservation planning of potato genetic resources.