Makoto Yano

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Makoto Yano

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2010
Director, Institute of Economic Research, Kyoto University
Apr 2007
Professor, Institute of Economic Research, Kyoto University
Oct 1996
Mar 2007
Professor, Keio University
Apr 1994
Sep 1996
Professor, Yokohama National University
Jun 1986
Mar 1994
Assistant Professor, Yokohama National University

Published Papers

Turnpike Theory: Some Corrections
Lionel McKenzie, Professor, University of Rochester. Makoto Yano
Econometrica, 48-7, 1839-1840      Nov 1980   [Refereed]
A Note on the Existence of an Optimal Capital Accumulation in the Continuous Time Horizon
Makoto Yano
Journal of Economic Theory, 27-2, 421-429      Aug 1982   [Refereed]
An Introduction to the Theory of Hedging and Speculation in Futures Markets
Paul A.Weller, Professor, Warwick University. Makoto Yano
The Theory of Futures Markets, ed. by P. Weller, Blackwell, Oxford, 15-35      1992
International Transfers in Dynamic Economies
Makoto Yano
General Equilibrium, Growth and Trade, II: in Honor of Lionel W. McKenzie, ed. by M. Boldrin, B. Becker, R. Jones and W. Thomson, Academic Press, 555-582      1993
Optimal Chaos when Future Utilities are Discounted Arbitrarily Weakly
K. Nishimura, Professor Kyoto University. Makoto Yano
Institute of Mathematical Analysis, Research in Non-Linear Analysis and Mathematical Economics, Lecture Note Series, ed. by T. Maruyama and W. Takahashi, Kyoto University      1993

Books etc

The Japanese Economy - A Market Quality Perspective
Makoto Yano
Keio University Press   2008   
Observability of Chaotic Economic Dynamics in the Matsuyama Model
Makoto Yano ,Sato Kenji, Graduate Student, Kyoto University. Yuichi Furukawa, Associate Professor, Chukyo University
KIER Discussion Paper Series, Kyoto Institute of Economics Research, 14. 基盤研究(S)19103002「グローバリゼーションと日本経済-ヒト、モノ、カネ、社会共通資本-」“Globalization and the Japanese Economy - People, Goods, Money, and Social Overhead Capital ?”   Mar 2010