Okutani Megumi

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Okutani Megumi
University of Teacher Education Fukuoka
Faculty of Education, Home Economics Education
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Published Papers

Education Practice Needs on Consumer Culture around Children: A Survey of Teachers in Elementary and in Junior and Senior High Schools
Megumi Okutani
(62) 9-18   Mar 2015   [Refereed]
Relationship of behavior for consumer culture and value of money and ethics based on research for school students in Japan and Korea
Megumi Okutani
65    Feb 2016
Development and Evaluation of Visual Teaching Material and Lesson for the Use of Social-Network Games
Consumer Education   39 221-230   Sep 2019   [Refereed]
Evaluation of development materials dealing the relationship between life and consumer culture "Expansion of Consumer Culture with the Internet"
Megumi Okutani
52 31-41   Mar 2015
Forms and Risks of University Student Involvement with Consumption Culture
Megumi Okutani
63(1) 19-28   Sep 2014


The Development of a Consumer Culture Teacher Training Program
Megumi Okutani
第36冊    Sep 2016   [Refereed]
Book review "Newly‐published Bringing up to establish one's independence-Home Economics for making inquiring mind"
Megumi Okutani
49 51   Mar 2014
Study on Children's Consumer Culture and Media Contact and Their Attitudes Toward Money and Ethics: Focusing on Elementary, Junior High, and High School Students
Megumi Okutani
第33冊 99-108   Sep 2013   [Refereed]
Children's Consumer Culture and Risk Response -Interview Survey with Relevant Organizations in South Korea-
Megumi Okutani
62(1) 23-29   Sep 2013
The Problem in Daily Life of Children Through Consumer Culture
Megumi Okutani
60(1) 23-34   Sep 2011

Conference Activities & Talks

The development and effect of video material designed to observe media utilization for junior high school students in Japan
Megumi Okutani, Mayuko Suzuki, Kumiko Ohmoto
19th Biennial International Congress Asian Regional Association for Home Economics   6 Aug 2018   Asian Regional Association for Home Economics
What Conditions Are Required for Becoming An Ethical Consumer?
XXIII International Federation for Home Economics World congress 2016   Aug 2016   International Federation for Home Economics
On Home management Issue of actual condition of involvement with gambling college students
Jun 2011   
Actual Condition of High School Student’s Consumption Behavior in the Information Society ?Focusing on Consumer Culture
Jul 2011   
Lifestyle issues of internet game use based on a study of grade 1-12 students 
Jul 2012   


Consumer Education for building Consumer Citizenship Society
Megumi Okutani   The Others   Jul 2013
A Report of Home Management Practice House, 2012
Megumi Okutani   The Others   Mar 2013
Using Website to Support Consumer Education Teachers: Based on Interviews of Teachers and a Comparative Study of Websites
Megumi Okutani   The Others   Sep 2012
Necessity of consumer education from actual condition of children's consumer life: focusing on consumer culture
Megumi Okutani   The Others   Jul 2011