Michihito Yoshime

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Michihito Yoshime
Osaka University
Job title
Specially Appointed Associate Professor
Ph.D.(Osaka University)
Other affiliation
Kindai University
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I have tried to rethink Transcendental Pragmatics founded by Karl-Otto Apel, in terms of its Fichtean (or Fichteanistic) character, which is in contrast to the Kantian approach of Jürgen Habermas' discourse theory. With this view, I have also investigated the difference between Kant and Fichte. My first Japanese monograph "Rethinking Transcendental Pragmatics: Is contemporary Fichteanism Possible?" is a compilation on the issue.

Currently, I am trying to focus on more practical and specific communication phenomena, such as fiction or hate speech.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2019
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University
Nov 2017
Mar 2019
Specially Appointed Associate Professor (Full time), Graduate School of Letters, Osaka Univeristy
Apr 2017
Mar 2018
Lecturer, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Kindai University
Apr 2017
Oct 2017
Visiting Researcher, Graduate School of Letters, Osaka University
Apr 2015
Mar 2017
PD Reserch Fellow, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science


Mar 2015
Graduate School of Lettes, Osaka University
Mar 2010
Graduate School of Letters, Osaka Univeristy
Mar 2008
School of Letters, Osaka Univeristy

Awards & Honors

Research Encouragement Award, Japansese Fichte Society

Published Papers

Michihito Yoshime
Revista de Estud(i)os sobre Fichte   (17) 1-8   Dec 2018   [Refereed]
This paper examines the problem of “können” at KrV §16 in order to highlight the difference between Kant’s and Fichte’s views on pure apperception. Firstly, it will be considered whether “können” is redundant in the Kantian account. Secondly, it w...
Die Möglichkeit des Fichteschen Ansatzes in Diskursethik
Michihito Yoshime
Japanische Kant-Studien   (19) 104-120   Jul 2018   [Invited]
Yoshime Michihito
Philosophia OSAKA   13 45-53   Mar 2018
Fichteanism behind the Scenes: From the "Unorthodox" Kant-Interpretation to Transcendental Pragmatics
Michihito Yoshime
Riso   (697) 29-42   Sep 2016
Michihito Yoshime
メタフュシカ : the journal of philosophy and ethics   (43) 63-74   Dec 2012
Yoshime Michihito
45 51-65   Dec 2011
Tathandlung als Selbstbezügluchkeit. Zur sprachphilosophischen Transformation von Fichtes Wissenschaftslehre
Michihito Yoshime
(Japanische) Fichte-Studien   (19) 85-98   2011   [Refereed]

Books etc

Rethinking Transcendental Pragmatics
Michihito Yoshime
Osaka University Press   Apr 2017   ISBN:4872595858
Halla Kim, Steven Hoeltzel (eds.) (Part:Joint Work, Ch. 12 "Consequences of the Transcendental-Pragmatic Consensus Theory of Truth", pp. 263-283)
Palgrave Macmillan   Jan 2017   ISBN:3319407147
Daniel Breazeale, Tom Rockmore (eds.) (Part:Joint Work, Ch. 17 "What is the Unlimited Communication Community? Transcendental Pragmatics as Contemporary Fichteanism", pp. 273-292)
Palgrave Macmillan   Dec 2014   ISBN:1137412224

Conference Activities & Talks

Die Reziprozität der Perspektiven als ein Unterschied zwischen inneren- und öffentlichen Diskursen [Invited]
Michihito Yoshime
Internationale Konferenz: Möglichkeit der Transzendentalpragmatik   16 Mar 2019   
How should Fichte’s Philosophy be Rehabilitated in Contemporary Philosophy [Invited]
Michihito Yoshime
24th World Congress of Philosophy   19 Aug 2018   
The Problem of "können" in Kant's B-Deduction and Its Significance for Fichte
Michihito Yoshime
13th Biennial Meeting of the North American Fichte Society   24 May 2017   The North American Fichte Society
Fichte's Empirical Realism and his Doctrine of "Bild"
Michihito Yoshime
9th Congress of the International Fichte Society   10 Sep 2015   The International Fichte Society
Fichtean Intellectual Intuition Revisited: On the Agent's Knowledge in the Transcendental Pragmatics
Michihito Yoshime
23rd World Congress of Philosophy   9 Aug 2013   The World Congress of Philosophy
What is the Unlimited Communication Community? Transcendental Pragmatics as Contemporary Fichteanism
Michihito Yoshime
11th Biennial Meeting of the North American Fichte Society   19 May 2012   The North American Fichte Society
"Ultimate Grounding" or "Sittlichkeit of Lifeworld"? The Debate on Discourse Ethics between Apel and Habermas
12 May 2012   The Philosophical Association of Japan

Research Grants & Projects

Status and Range of Fictional Statements in Karl-Otto Apel's Discourse Theory
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: KAKENHI (Grant-in-Aid for Early-Career Scientists)
Project Year: Apr 2019 - Mar 2022    Investigator(s): Michihito Yoshime
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: KAKENHI (Grant-in-Aid for JSPS Fellows)
Project Year: Apr 2014 - Mar 2017    Investigator(s): Michihito Yoshime