Masaaki Imaizumi

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Masaaki Imaizumi
The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Department of Statistical Inference and Mathematics


I'm a researcher on statistics who is mainly working on machine learning.
My detailed information is presented on a personal website.

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2019
Assistant Professor, Department of Statistical Inference and Mathematics, The Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Apr 2018
Mar 2019
Assistant Professor, School of Statistical Thinking, Institute of Statistical Mathematics
Apr 2017
Mar 2018
JSPS Research Fellow, Research Center for Statistical Machine Learning, Institute of Statistical Mathematics


Apr 2014
Mar 2017
Department of Statistics (Ph.D. course), School of Economics, University of Tokyo

Awards & Honors

Mar 2019
Best Presentation Award, Japan Statistical Society
Nov 2018
Best Presentation Award, IBIS2018
Apr 2018
Best Paper Award, AISTATS2018
Mar 2018
Research Encouragement Award, Funai Foundation for Information Technology
Sep 2017
Research Award Finalist, IEICE TC-IBISML
Mar 2017
Representative of the graduates (Ph.D.), University of Tokyo, School of Economics
Nov 2016
Best Student Presentation Award, IBIS2016
Sep 2016
Travel Award, ICML2016
Sep 2016
Presentation Award, Japan Statistical Society Joint Meeting
Dec 2016
Runner-up prize for 19th ISER Moriguchi Prize, Osaka University
Mar 2016
Presentation Award, Japan Statistical Society Spring Meeting
Nov 2013
Paper Award, Applied Econometric Conference
Jul 2019
Presentation Award for Young Researches, The Japan Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematic

Association Memberships


Research Grants & Projects

Mathematical Detection of Adaptive Networks and Algorithm Development for Fast Deep Learning
Japan Science and Technology Agency: Presto
Project Year: Oct 2018 - Mar 2022    Investigator(s): Masaaki Imaizumi
Development of Functional Estimation Theory for Mechanism of Deep Learning
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: KAKENHI for young researchers
Project Year: Apr 2018 - Mar 2022    Investigator(s): Masaaki Imaizumi
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: KAKENHI: Houga
Project Year: Oct 2018 - Mar 2021    Investigator(s): Kenji Fukumizu
Kernel Method and Bayes Estimation for Flexible Structural Models
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: KAKENHI: PD
Project Year: Apr 2017 - Mar 2020    Investigator(s): Masaaki Imaizumi
Approximation Method for High-dimensional Dynamic Discrete Choice Model
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science: KAKENHI: DC
Project Year: Apr 2015 - Mar 2017    Investigator(s): Masaaki Imaizumi