HABA Kumiko

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HABA Kumiko
Aoyama Gakuin University
School of International Politics, Economics and Communication Department of International Politics
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Academic & Professional Experience

Sep 2018
Sep 2018
Visiting Professor, School and Institute of International Relations, St. Petersburg National University, Russia
Jun 2018
Jun 2018
Visiting Professor, International Union University, China, Zhejiang University,
Mar 2018
Visiting Professor, Institute of Economics, Kyoto University
Director in General
Sep 2011
Sep 2012
Apr 2008
Mar 2011
Part-time Lecturer, Graduate School of Art and Science, Graduate School, University of Tokyo
Apr 2008
Part-time Lecturer, School of International and Publilc Policy, Hitotsubashi University, Graduate School
Apr 2008
Mar 2013
Visiting Researcher, Graduate School of Law, Graduate School, Hitotsubashi University
Apr 2007
School of International Politics, Economics and Communication School of International Politics, Economics and Communication Department of International Politics Professor
Nov 2005
Mar 2007
Director in General
Apr 2004
Mar 2007
Apr 2004
Mar 2006
Apr 2004
Mar 2005
Apr 2003
Mar 2004
Mar 2003
Aug 2003
Apr 2002
Mar 2005
Apr 2002
Mar 2003
Apr 2001
Mar 2011
Apr 1999
Mar 2000
Apr 1997
Mar 1999


Oct 1987
Oct 1987
PhD. of International Relations, Schoolo of International Relations, Graduate School of Tsuda University
Apr 1977
Mar 1981
Doctor Course, Division of International Relations, Tsuda College Graduate School,
Sep 1978
Mar 1980
Scholarship of Government, Institute of History, Academy of Science, Hungary
Apr 1975
Mar 1977
Master Course, Division of International Relations, Tsuda College Graduate School,
Apr 1971
Mar 1975
Department of International Relations, Faculty of Arts and Science, Tsuda College

Published Papers

Great Power Politics and East Asian Regional Cooperation
WCFIA      Jul 2012


“The EU and NATO Enlargement and Central Eastern European Policy under the Influence of the USA ---The Role of Poland in the EU and the Iraq War---
山本吉宣退職記念論文集、『青山学院大学国際政治経済学部紀要』      Jun 2011
“The EU Suggestion and East Asian Community as a Comparative Study as Norms and Institutions---Reconciliation with Enemies and Alliance with the US---“
The Regional Integration in Asia and Europe      Mar 2011
The Regional Integration in Asia and Europe, Theoretical and Institutional Comparative Studies and Analysis Ed. by G. John Ikenberry, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, & Kumiko Haba
Japan-China Reconciliation is key of United Asia
International Herald Tribune (Herald Asahi)   16-17   Jan 2010
The Origin of the Cold War and Eastern Europe―The Turning Point from 1946-1948, Investigating from Hungary―
The End of the Cold War and the Regional Integration in Europe and Asia      2010
Ed. by Robert Frank, Kumiko Haba, & Hiroshi Momose
"The EU Enlargement and the Border Question, Wider Europe"
『Melting Borders』(Ed. by Ygaki and Mizobata)   331-352   2008
“The Lesson of the EU Enlargement and the East Aisan Coomunity and Shanghai Cooperative Organization, What and How we can learn from the European Integration”
50 Years Rome Treaty and EU-Asia Reloations, ed. by Chong-ko Peter Tzou      2008
"Democracy, Nationalism, and Citizenship in the Enlarged EU, The Effects of Globalisation and Democratisation"
『Intercultural Dialogue and Citizenship』   601-620   2007
(ed. by Leonce Bekemans, Maria Karasinska-Fendler, Marco Mascia, Antonio Papisca, Constantine A. Stephanou, Peter G. Xuereb)
"EU Enlargement,Border Question and Wider Europe"、University of Kyoto
Wider Europe(University of Kyoto)      2007
"NATO and EU Enlargement and the Central Europe"
『Globalization, Regionalization and the History of International Relations』   91-100   Oct 2005
"The EU’s Wider Europe Policy towards Russia"、EU and Russia, 2005.
ICCEES World Conference, Berlin      Jul 2005
"Wider Europe and the Kaliningrad Question"
ICCEES World Conference,Berlin,Germany      Jul 2005
"NATO Enlargement and the Iraq War—Central and Eastern Europe under the shadow of the US—"
Working Paper in the International Conference Russia and NATO      Feb 2004
"The EU Eastern Enlargement and the Historical Relation between East Central Europe and Japan"
Shakai Shirin(Hosei Journal of Sociology and Social Sciences)   49(2)    Dec 2002
"Globalization and Nationalism in Post communist East Central Europe ―Yugoslavia and East Central Europe under the EU Enlargement―"
Journal of International Economic Studies      Mar 2002
Paper for ISA International Congress in Hong Kong, China
"Globalism and Regionalism in East-Central Europe: Nationality Problem and Regional Cooperation under the EU and NATO Enlargement"
『Gobalizsation, Regionalization and the History of International Relations』      Aug 2000
2000年11月 国際歴史学会CD Rom 所収, Paper of 19th International Congress of Historical Sciences, Oslo, Norway
"New Challenges of the Post Communist Transition in East Central Europe in the era of EU Enlargement: Social Security and the Regional Cooperation for the Consolidation"
Paper of VI IEES World Congress, Tampere, Finland      Jul 2000
"The EU Enlargement Towards Central Europe under the NATO Influence"
『What EU Enlargement Means for the Post communist East ?』      Mar 2000
Working Paper, ISA Annual Convention, Los Angels
"EU NATO Enlargement and Central Europe"
The EU Enlargement toward Central Europe and the Role of Japanese Economy      2000
2002年著書予定(『EUの東方拡大と日本経済の影響』)Paper of International Symposium, Hosei University, Tokyo, Japan
"Eastern Enlargement of "Europe" and Relations between Eastern Europe and Japan"
Working Paper, Japan and Its Neighbors in the Global Village      Sep 1999

Books etc

The Unwinding of the Globalist Dream, Ed by Steven Rosefielde, Masaaki Kuboniwa, Satoshi Mizobata, Kumiko Haba
World Scientific, New Jersey, London, Singapore,   2017   
Great Power Politics and the Future of Asian Regionalism, at Harvard University, Ed. by Kumiko Haba
Aoyama Gakuin University Tokyo   2013   
The Euro Crisis and European Political Economy, ---France, Germany and Central Europe---,   Ed. by Robert Boyer, Ivan T. Berend, and Kumiko Haba
Aoyama Gakuin University, Tokyo   2013   
松香堂書店   Mar 2012   ISBN:4879746657
Asian Economic Development and Collaborative Relations among EU, Asia and Japan, Ed. by Kumiko Haba, Szerdahelyi Istvan, Brij Tankha & Wang Min
Aoyama Gakuin University   2012   
The Regional Integration and Institutionalization comparing Europe and Asia, Ed. by G.John Ikenberry, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, and Kumiko Haba
Shokado, Kyoto   2012   
The Regional Integration in Asia and Europe: Theoretical and Institutional Comparative Studies and Analysis, Ed. by G. John Ikenberry, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, and Kumiko Haba
Aoyama Gakuin University   2011   
The End of the Cold War and the Regional Integration in Europe and Asia, Ed by Robert Frank, Kumiko Haba and Hiroshi MomoseInternational Conference of the End of the Cold War and the Regional Integration in 2009)
Aoyama Gakuin University, 2010. 451p. (   2010   
Proceedings Book on the International Conference of the End of the Cold War and the Regional Integration in 2009(Kumiko Haba, “The Origin of the Cold War and Eastern Europe”, pp. 193-215.
50 Years Rome Treaty and EU-Asia Relations(Ed. by Chong-ko Peter Tzou) “The Lesson of the EU Enlargement and the East Asian Community and Shanghai Cooperative Organization---What and How we can learn from the European Integration?”
Tamkang University, Taiwan   Jul 2008   
Melting Boundaries, Institutional Transformation in the Wider Europe(Kiichiro Yagi and Satoshi Mizobata eds.)"EU Enoargement, Border Question and Wider Europe"
Kyoto University Press   2008   

Conference Activities & Talks

Serbian Assaccination and the Break Up of the World War
First World War and Balkans   Nov 2018   
Russia and the EU: Crisis of Developed Power, Power Shift, and New World Order”, and “Russia – Japan Relations and Asian Regionalism
Sep 2018   St. Petersburg National University, Inviting Professor
Russia and Asian Pacific International Relations [Invited]
Symposium between Russia & Japan, Russian Academy in Far East   Aug 2018   
One Belt One Road Policy, China American Relations, and Chinese World Policy
China, Beijin, University of Foreign Affairs in China   Jul 2018   
Power Shift and East Asian Crisis: North Korea and the USA, "Immigrants Question and European Crisis” [Invited]
Inviting Professor, "Asian Regional Cooperation in 21st century   Jul 2018   China, Zhejian Universith(浙江大学) Zhejian University, International Union Department
Russia and Populist in Western Europe after BREXIT [Invited]
ISA, San Francisco   Apr 2018   
Australia: Immigrants and European Crisis after BREXIT [Invited]
IPSA Conference, Brisben,International Political Science Association   2018   
BREXIT, Trump Government and the Declining the Big Powers
EUSA AP, Taipei   2018   
Power Transition and Regional Conflicts comparing Europe and East Asia (Invited) [Invited]
Rhodes International Conference   Oct 2017   
BREXIT and European Crisis ---Immigrants & Terrorism (President) [Invited]
EUSA Asia Pacific 2017 Tokyo Conference   2 Jul 2017   Aoyama Gakuin Univ. Tokyo
Making Asian Think-tank Networks & the Training Young Leaders for Asian Future [Invited]
ISA Conference in Hong Kong   Jul 2017   
Election Time(s) in Europe, Challenges on the way to economic recovery, Immigrants & European Elections /Quo Va dis, Europe? [Invited]
Deutsche Bundes Bank, & University of Tokyo   23 May 2017   
Ukrainian Question among the EU, NATO and Russia [Invited]
ISA Annual Conference in Baltimore   25 Feb 2017   
Immigrants, Refugees & Security: Why did Trump win?
Peace Diplomats Forum   11 Nov 2016   
Asian Regional Cooperation and the Security-Collaboration in Borders (Invited)
TIPSA Annual Conference in Taipei   23 Oct 2016   
Power Transition, Maritime Security and Collaboration among China-Japan-Korea
21st century Maritime Silk Road; Development Connectivity and Win-Win Cooperation International Conference   Aug 2016   Shanghai International Affairs Institute
Immigrants and Xenophobia, Home-grown Terrorism in the Enlarged EU
United Nation University, Women’s Association   13 Jun 2016   
Antagonism and Reconciliation in ASIA
CHINA-East Asia International Symposium, International Relations and Order in East Asia   12 Mar 2016   China, University of Law and Politics, International Relations, Economic Growth and Political Dispute
Power Shift, Territorial dispute and Reconciliation in ASIA between China and Japan
CHINA-East Asia International Symposium   12 Mar 2016   International Relations and Order in East Asia
Security, Sovereignty and Confidence building in the Indo-Pacific: A Perspective from Japan (Invited) [Invited]
International Conference in India   Nov 2014   
For the Solution of War & Conflict: Reconciliation in Europe and Asia, comparing the difference of the US Strategy September, (Invited) [Invited]
Rhodes, Asian Regionalism and Nationalism   27 Sep 2014   
Constructing Asian Academic Networks & the Common Asian Collaboration (Invited) [Invited]
One Asia Conference in Jeju   2 Aug 2014   
Power Game and Confidence Building under the American Rebalance Strategy
IPSA Annual Conference, Montreal, Canada   20 Jul 2014   
Democracy and Nationalism in the Orban Government in Hungary
ASEEES, San Antonio, USA,   10 May 2014   
Hungarian Democracy and Nationalism after the Cold War and Globalization
AHEA (Association for Hungarian Education Association),   May 2014   
India, Constructing Asian Think-tank Networks & Global Human Resource Development (Invited) [Invited]
ICSSR Conference   Mar 2014   
Historical Reconciliation comparing between Europe and Asia, and the US Strategy (Invited) [Invited]
AICGS Political and Social Leadership Conference   20 Oct 2013   
International Relations and Order in East Asia
CHINA-East Asia International Symposium   Mar 2013   

Research Grants & Projects

Erasmus Mundus IT and International Politics
Project Year: 2012 - 2015
East Asian Regional Integration comparing the European Union
Project Year: Apr 2008 - Mar 2013
Euro Crisis and European Economic Politics
Project Year: Feb 2013 - Feb 2013
Enlarged Europe and East Asian Regional Cooperation
Project Year: Apr 2008 - Mar 2012
EU&NATO Enlargement
The Origin and the End of the Cold War