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Chubu Gakuin University
Dept.of Human Well-Being
Doctor of Social Work(Toyo University)
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Apr 2006
Mar 2010
Social Welfare, Welfare Society Design, Toyo University
Apr 2001
Mar 2003
Graduate School, Division of Social Welfare, Japan College of Social Work

Published Papers

Study on Student Achievements and Self-esteem -From analysis of questionnaire survey results-
5 165-173   Dec 2019
The prospect of High school education to learn Welfare captured from Perspective of Local Welfare
4 161-171   Dec 2018
One of the key to advancing community welfare is the development of human resources to support them. This paper focused on welfare education, which is professional vocational education at high schools, and considered future education for local wel...
Study on Textbooks and Reference books used in Subject welfare education guidance method
3(2) 105-116   Mar 2018   [Refereed]
My research is the survey on Textbooks and Reference books (= Textbooks etc.) to be learned by the teaching process of Welfare education guidance method.
As a result, I thought that Textbooks etc. were "Insufficient" to teach what be to need from ...
Study to clarify Current situation and Problem on Student's self-esteem - Results of investigation for all students belonging to A department -
17(2) 31-39   Dec 2017   [Refereed]
Reform of the training of Japanese-style social worker necessary for "Helping" disparity society -Presenting towards a new theory of community development: Community Life Science Approach-
Keishin Journal of Life and Health   1(2) 1-12   Oct 2017   [Invited]
This paper shows the present situation of the local cities and Japanese-style social workers and the results of the field survey by the author. Then, I examined the viewpoint on how Japanese-style social workers should be educated.
The author thin...

Books etc

Reproductive care social work theory
Jun 2011   ISBN:978-4-902527-85-7

Conference Activities & Talks

International Children's Problems and Self-Esteem
24 Oct 2018   
Presentation of our new theory of developing communities: Community Life Science Approach
Kanako OGISO(gifu university)
Joint World Conference on Social Work, Education and Social Development 2016   27 Jun 2016   International Association of Schools of Social Work, International Council on Social Welfare, International Federation of Social Workers
We arrived at our theory based on the thinking that resolving the dilemma of the decline of rural cities cannot be done solely through the existing Japanese theories and framework on rural welfare. Our new tripartite theory involves 1) drawing ide...
Reproduction care social work theory
World Conference on Social work and Social Development 2012   9 Jul 2012   
The term "reproductive care social work theory" is a theory about the systematic social work and care in the context of the provision of reproductive medicine. I was presented as the author's hypothesis.
The Rightsof Infants and Children Born by ART
Mari Saimura
The 11st World congress of World Association for Infant Mental Health   Aug 2008   WAIMH
We were to the world from international conferences, the multiple voices of the party was born in ART. And I was examined as a social worker's support, whether the act what the role.
Essence of ART "Social Abuse" to the Children
Global Social Work Congress 2006   Jul 2006   IFSW
Essence of the thing to do in secret non-spousal reproductive medicine has discussed the reasoned out that social abuse of children.