MIURA, Satoshi

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MIURA, Satoshi
Waseda University
Faculty of Science and Engineering
Job title
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.(Waseda University)
Research funding number

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2018
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
Apr 2016
Mar 2018
Research Associate, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University
Apr 2014
Mar 2016
JSPS Research Fellow, Waseda University


Apr 2013
Mar 2016
PhD Course, Major in Modern Mechanical Engineering, Graduate School of Creative Science and Engineering, Waseda University
Apr 2011
Mar 2013
Master Course, Major in Integrative Bioscience and Biomedical Engineering, Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering, Waseda University
Apr 2007
Mar 2011
Department of Modern Mechanical Engineering, School of Creative Science and Engineering, Waseda University

Awards & Honors

Aug 2019
ICED2019 Top 10% Accepted Papers Award, Design Society
Apr 2019
Funai Research Encouragement Award, Funai Foundation for Information Technology
Nov 2017
Best Paper Award (Medical), JSCAS
Winner: Satoshi MIURA, Yo KOBAYASHI, Kazuya KAWAMURA, Masatoshi SEKI, Yasutaka NAKASHIMA, Takehiko NOGUCHI, Yuki YOKOO, Masakatsu FUJIE
Dec 2016
Pupil Variation for Use in Zoom Control, IEEE ROBIO Finalist of T.J. Tarn Best Paper in Robotic Award, IEEE
Winner: Yang CAO, Yo Kobayashi, Satoshi Miura, Kazuya Kawamura, Masakatsu G. Fujie, Shigeki Sugano
Mar 2016
Development of an Evaluation Method for the Intuitive Operability of Hand-Eye Coordination in a Master-slave Robot Using Brain Activity Measurements, VASEDA VNIVERSITAS PALMA IN MEMORIAM AZVSAONO, Waseda University

Published Papers

Satoshi Miura, Hidekazu Ishiuchi, Yuta Shintaku, Victor Parque, Ayako Torisaka, Tomoyuki Miyashita
ROBOMECH Journal   6    Dec 2019
© 2019, The Author(s). Breast cancer diagnosis has been mostly accomplished through imaging. These methods have great advantages in being able to detect the presence and location of breast cancer. However, it is difficult to distinguish between a ...
Miura S, Kawamura K, Kobayashi Y, Fujie MG
IEEE transactions on bio-medical engineering   66(8) 2352-2361   Aug 2019   [Refereed]
Tsuyoshi Sakuma, Satoshi Miura, Tomoyuki Miyashita, Masakatsu G. Fujie, Shigeki Sugano
2018 IEEE International Conference on Real-Time Computing and Robotics, RCAR 2018   573-578   Jan 2019
© 2018 IEEE. The advance of driving assistance technologies such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC) or auto break system, drivers are released from complicated driving tasks. On the other hand, there is concern that it reduces pleasure feelings...
Satoshi Miura, Victor Parque, Kohei Ogawa, Tomoyuki Miyashita
Proceedings - 2018 IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, SMC 2018   1699-1704   Jan 2019
© 2018 IEEE. Being ubiquitously used as anti-adhesive and wound-covering mechanisms, thin films have potential therapeutic uses as cell sheets to target inner organs while navigating narrow environments. A significant challenge to realize versatil...
Victor Parque, Satoshi Miura, Tomoyuki Miyashita
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing   873 222-238   Jan 2019
© 2019, Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Path bundling consists in compounding multiple routes in a polygonal map to minimize connectivity in a network structure. Being closely related to the Steiner Tree Problem, yet with a different scope, path b...

Books etc

Masakatsu G. Fujie (Part:Joint Work, 13)
Springer   Apr 2016   ISBN:978-4431558088

Conference Activities & Talks

三浦智, 菊池宏太郎, PARQUE Victor, 宮下朋之
日本機械学会ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会講演論文集(CD-ROM)   5 Jun 2019   
Gain tuning method by brain activity measurement for surgical endoscopic control
Jun 2017   
Takahiro Ishii, Victor Parque, Satoshi Miura, Tomoyuki Miyashita
Proceedings of the International Conference on Engineering Design, ICED   1 Jan 2017   
The differentiation and the integration of products are the essential procedures for product innovation. To understand the product innovation, the approaches using S-curve theory, which explain the evolution of a technological system, have been ef...
MIURA Satoshi, SUZUKI Tomohiro, KOBAYASHI Yo, G. FUJIE Masakatsu
Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese)   2017   
<p>Hemiplegic patients often have reduced typing speed due to finger paralysis. Our motivation is to develop a keyboard that enables their typing speed to increase. For this purpose, we have developed a three-dimensional keyboard that reduces the ...
Victor Parque
Trans. jpn. Soc. Med. Bio. Eng   2017   
<p>For holding the forearm artificial arm, the patient must pull and tighten a part of the belt. However, the pressure distribution becomes heterogeneous so that the patient could become the bedsore. In this paper, our motivation is to develop the...

Research Grants & Projects

MEXT: 宇宙航空科学技術推進委託費
MEXT: KAKENHI Grant-in-Aid for Research Activity start-up
JST: Strategic Innovation Promotion Program
JSPS: KAKENHI Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research