Masaharu Mizumoto

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Masaharu Mizumoto
Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
School of Knowledge Science
B.S. from Hitotsubashi University(1994), M.S. from Hitotsubashi University(1998), Ph.D. from Hitotsubashi University(2004)

Research Interests


Research Areas


Awards & Honors

Jun 2004
Japan Association for Philosophy of Science Award, Japan Association for Philosophy of Science


Annals of the Japan Association for Philosophy of Science   19 1-25   May 2011
The aim of this paper is to examine some formulations of fallibilism about knowledge and show that the precise formulation of fallibilism that can safely be regarded as true or plausible is not easily available. We start by discussing Jason Stanle...
Philosophy of science   43(1) 45-59   2010
Annals of the Japan Association for Philosophy of Science   18 11-28   Nov 2009
Jonathan Bennett, in his (2003), says that for indicative conditionals the unrestricted form of modus ponens (MP) is not valid, but restricted MP is still valid. In this paper I argue that Bennett is wrong, that even the restricted form of MP fail...
Annals of the Japan Association for Philosophy of Science   18 1-10   Nov 2009
More than two decades ago, Vann McGee presented an alleged counterexample to modus ponens (MP). Despite criticisms, it seems to have survived to date. In this paper, I will defend McGee's counterexample against the criticism by Bernard Katz, as a ...

Books etc

水本 正晴
Hokkaido University Press   2011   ISBN:9784832903630
Introduction to Philosophy of Mind Science (Japanese)
Masaharu Mizumoto
Nov 2004   

Conference Activities & Talks

Knowing Other Minds in English, Japanese, and Chinese
Masaharu Mizumoto (JAIST) and RUI, YANG (JAIST)
The Science of Consciousness 2017   5 Jun 2017   
X-Phi and Ordinary Language Philosophy
Masaharu Mizumoto (JAIST)
Australasian Experimental Philosophy Conference   28 Jul 2017   
When saying that one said falsehood is true - Morality’s influence on truth/correctness judgment and the act‐content confusion [Invited]
Masaharu Mizumoto (JAIST)
Pluralisms Workshop   10 Jun 2017   
Linguistic diversity of the use of truth predicates and morality’s role in it [Invited]
Masaharu Mizumoto (JAIST)
East-West Philosophy Forum: Knowledge, Value and Rationality   31 Mar 2017   
“Knowing How and Two Knowledge Verbs in Japanese
Shun Tsugita (Saitama University)、Yu Izumi(学振), Masaharu Mizumoto (JAIST)
Ethno-Epistemology Conference ~ Culture, Language, and Methodology   3 Jun 2016   

Social Contribution

Ethno-Epistemology Conference - Culture, Language, and Methodology
[]  Masaharu Mizumoto (JAIST), Stephen Stich (Rutgers University), Eric McCready (Aoyama Gakuin University)  (IT Business Plaza Musashi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa)  3 Jun 2016 - 5 Jun 2016
Epistemology for the Rest of the World
[]  Masaharu Mizumoto  (JAIST Tokyo Satellite Office, Shinagawa, Tokyo)  8 Aug 2013 - 9 Aug 2013