Koji Mikami

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Koji Mikami
Tokyo University of Technology
School of Media Science
Job title
Associate Professor
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Awards & Honors

Mar 2012
Game Education in University, IPSJ Excellent Educator Award, IPSJ

Published Papers

情報処理学会論文誌ジャーナル(CD−ROM)   49(8) 2773-2782   Aug 2008
芸術科学会論文誌(Web)   9(2) 66-72   2010
Koji Mikami, Taichi Watanabe, Katsunori Yamaji, Katsunori Yamaji, Kenji Ozawa, Kenji Ozawa, Akinori Ito, Motonobu Kawashima, Motonobu Kawashima, Ryota Takeuchi, Kunio Kondo, Mitsuru Kaneko
Computers and Graphics (Pergamon)   34 791-799   Dec 2010
Games together with manga and anime as represented by Japanese technological advances are highly evaluated in other countries. In recent years, games have been developing at a fast rate and a deep understanding of the game development procedures i...
KONDO Kunio, ITO Akinori, MIKAMI Koji, WATANABE Taichi
Journal of Graphic Science of Japan   45(3) 3-10   Sep 2011
This paper describes the class structure using an example-based programming for the introductory computer graphics course "Introduction to computer graphics" at Tokyo University of Technology, aimed at second year students. The first part of this ...
戀津魁, 菅野太介, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄, 金子満
芸術科学会論文誌(Web)   10(3) WEB ONLY 129-139   Sep 2011
図学研究   (134) 11-20   Dec 2011
松尾隆志, 三上浩司, 渡辺大地, 近藤邦雄
芸術科学会論文誌(Web)   10(4) WEB ONLY 251-262   Dec 2011
図学研究   (135) 3-10   Mar 2012
松尾隆志, 三上浩司, 渡辺大地, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会誌(Web)   67(2) J36-J44 (J-STAGE)   2013
成田晃, 柿本正憲, 渡辺大地, 竹内亮太, 三上浩司
映像情報メディア学会誌(Web)   67(4) J148-J151 (J-STAGE)   2013


土田隆裕, 茂木龍太, 茂木龍太, 岡本直樹, 伊藤彰教, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄, 金子満
情報処理学会全国大会講演論文集   72nd(1) 1.699-1.700-700   Mar 2010
田中希, 岡本直樹, 茂木龍太, 松島渉, 近藤邦雄, 三上浩司, 金子満
情報処理学会全国大会講演論文集   72nd(4) 4.383-4.384-384   Mar 2010
工藤菜央, 岡本直樹, 茂木龍太, 松島渉, 近藤邦雄, 三上浩司, 金子満
情報処理学会全国大会講演論文集   72nd(4) 4.385-4.386-386   Mar 2010
沢村和也, 兼松祥央, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄, 金子満
日本図学会秋季大会学術講演論文集   2009 53-54-54   2009
三上浩司, 金子満, 中村太戯留, 伊藤彰教
映像情報メディア学会誌   59(12) 1761-1764   Dec 2005
Kaneko Mitsuru, Mikami Koji, Takahashi Rina, Ito Akinori, Kawashima Motonobu, Nakamura Tagiru
Bulletin of Tokyo University of Technology   3 39-52   Mar 2008
Open Research Center (ORC) is one of Ministry of Education Programs which provides fund to help developing research works among the private universities. School of Media Science and Creative Lab., Katayanagi Advanced Research Institute proposed an...
三上浩司, 伊藤彰教, 中村太戯留, 近藤邦雄, 金子満
Visual Computing/グラフィクスとCAD合同シンポジウム予稿集(CD−ROM)   2008 ROMBUNNO.35   Jun 2008
水口泰幸, 近藤邦雄, 川島基展, 三上浩司, 金子満
Visual Computing/グラフィクスとCAD合同シンポジウム予稿集(CD−ROM)   2008(1) ROMBUNNO.32-108   Jun 2008
坂井和城, 岡本直樹, 茂木龍太, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄, 金子満
日本図学会春季大会学術講演論文集   2009 56-61-61   2009
三林悠, 兼松祥央, 中村太戯留, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄, 金子満
日本図学会春季大会学術講演論文集   2009 107-112-112   2009
城戸宏之, 岡本直樹, 茂木龍太, 茂木龍太, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄, 金子満
日本図学会春季大会学術講演論文集   2009 117-122-122   2009
茂木龍太, 茂木龍太, 岡本直樹, 高橋佳弘, 土田隆裕, 渡辺賢悟, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄, 金子満
日本図学会春季大会学術講演論文集   2009 50-55-55   2009
戸谷和明, 兼松祥央, 中村太戯留, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄, 金子満
日本図学会春季大会学術講演論文集   2009 159-164-164   2009
城戸宏之, 岡本直樹, 茂木龍太, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄, 金子満
Visual Computing/グラフィクスとCAD合同シンポジウム予稿集(CD−ROM)   2009 ROMBUNNO.29   Jun 2009
兼松祥央, 三林悠, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄, 金子満
Visual Computing/グラフィクスとCAD合同シンポジウム予稿集(CD−ROM)   2009 ROMBUNNO.52   Jun 2009
山田朱織, 勝呂徹, 星徹, 三上浩司, 松島渉, 井上亮文, 堀口悟史, 関口暁宣
J Spine Res   1(3) 795   Mar 2010
山田朱織, 勝呂徹, 星徹, 三上浩司, 井上亮文, 松島渉, 堀口悟史
日本整形外科学会雑誌   84(4) S297   Apr 2010
冨永浩章, JIRAYUDUL Saha, 岡本直樹, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
Visual Computing/グラフィクスとCAD合同シンポジウム予稿集(CD−ROM)   2010 MODERINGU,TOMINAGAHIROAKI   Jun 2010
ISHIZAWA Toshiaki, URAGAMI Daisuke, SUGURO Tohru, HOSHI Tohru, SEKIGUCHI Akinori, YAMADA Shuori, MIKAMI Koji, MATSUSHIMA Wataru, INOUE Akifumi, IGAKI Hiroshi, HORIGUCNI Satoshi, MATSUO Yoshiki
Robomech   2011(0) _2P2-M16_1-_2P2-M16_4   2011
It is important to choose the right pillow height in order to have smooth turn over motions and a good sleep quality. In this paper, we study on the effects of pillow height on turn over motion. Characteristics of turn over motions are analyzed ba...
阿部公則, 茂木龍太, 岡本直樹, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
日本図学会春季大会学術講演論文集   2011 53-54-54   2011
菅沼岳史, 小野康寛, 馬場一美, 馬谷原光織, 片岡竜太, 長谷川篤司, 山本松夫, 井上美津子, 岡野友宏, 宮崎隆, 鈴木泰山, 八木豊, 徳永健伸, 中村陽介, 三上浩司
日本歯科医学教育学会総会・学術大会プログラム・抄録集   30th 134   2011
石澤利晃, 関口暁宣, 山田朱織, 三上浩司, 松島渉, 井上亮文, 井垣宏, 堀口悟史, 松尾芳樹, 浦上大輔, 勝呂徹, 星徹
日本機械学会ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会講演論文集(CD-ROM)   2011 ROMBUNNO.2P2‐M16   May 2011
阿部公則, 茂木龍太, 岡本直樹, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
渡辺賢吾, 近藤邦雄, 茂木龍太, 岡本直樹, 三上浩司
Visual Computing/グラフィクスとCAD合同シンポジウム予稿集(CD−ROM)   2011 POSUTAHAPPYO,SHIKISAISHIKOSEI   Jun 2011
川島基展, 大森達也, 近藤邦雄, 三上浩司, 松島渉
Visual Computing/グラフィクスとCAD合同シンポジウム予稿集(CD−ROM)   2011 UGOKITOSHISEI,KAWASHIMAMOTONOBU   Jun 2011
Takafumi Kojima, Ryota Takeuchi, Soji Yamakawa, Taichi Watanabe, Koji Mikami
SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 Posters, SA'11      Dec 2011
This paper proposes a new modeling method for visual simulation of aurora.The proposed method generates an aurora animation based on the simulation of the electromagnetic field and emission principles. The proposed method has two major advantages ...
Takashi Matsuo, Koji Mikami, Taichi Watanabe, Kunio Kondo
SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 Posters, SA'11      Dec 2011
In 2D animation and comics, the line quality of object outlines and contour lines are often varied to emphasize or exaggerate the shape of an object. One such technique is to vary the line thickness pending on the object shape. This technique is o...
菅沼岳史, 螺澤庸博, 小野康寛, 鈴木泰山, 八木豊, 馬谷原光織, 片岡竜太, 宮崎隆, 中村陽介, 三上浩司, 馬場一美
日本歯科医学教育学会総会・学術大会プログラム・抄録集   31st 66   2012
花田悠哉, 茂木龍太, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
日本図学会春季大会学術講演論文集   2012 85-86-86   2012
津田健, 茂木龍太, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
日本図学会春季大会学術講演論文集   2012 47-48-48   2012
LI Lei, 三上浩司, 柿本正憲, 近藤邦雄
日本図学会秋季大会学術講演論文集   2012 11-14   2012
茂木龍太, 菅野太介, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
日本図学会秋季大会学術講演論文集   2012 1-6   2012
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   36(16(AIT2012 32−90)) 79-82-82   Mar 2012
Brand extension strategy is not only driving consumer product marketing to change but also influencing movie industry. Numbers of movie franchises in box office is a proof how popular it is. Besides, in the marketing point of view, making sequels ...
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   36(16(AIT2012 32−90)) 61-64-64   Mar 2012
Human character designs portrayed in Animation have different proportion compare to real life human. Those character proportion balances are important elements in animation concept and become each animation's special characteristic. Common charact...
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   36(16(AIT2012 32−90)) 57-60-60   Mar 2012
Character making using silhouette lately has been practically used in the entertainment industry. Silhouette itself consist a lot of elements from shape, proportion, size, pose and good for creating stylized characters. However, in order to use si...
マニーロック ポンプロム, 伊藤 彰教, 三上 浩司
研究会講演予稿   261 79-82   Mar 2012
田中 希, 茂木 龍太, 三上 浩司
研究会講演予稿   261 61-64   Mar 2012
ヒダヤト リアンティ, 近藤 邦雄, 三上 浩司
研究会講演予稿   261 57-60   Mar 2012
OBUCHI Naoya, SEKIGUCHI Akinori, YAMADA Shuori, OGAWA Takashi, MIKAMI Koji, MATSUSHIMA Wataru, INOUE Akifumi, IGAKI Hiroshi, ISHIZAWA Toshiaki, MATSUO Yoshiki, URAGAMI Daisuke, ENDO Yuichiro, SUGURO Tohru, HOSHI Tohru
ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会講演概要集   2012(0) "2A2-U11(1)"-"2A2-U11(4)"   May 2012
It is important to choose the right pillow height in order to have smooth turn over motions and a good sleep quality. In our previous works, we studied on the effects of pillow height on turn over motion, based on motion capture data. In this pape...
小渕直哉, 関口暁宣, 山田朱織, 小川高志, 三上浩司, 松島渉, 井上亮文, 井垣宏, 石澤利晃, 松尾芳樹, 浦上大輔, 遠藤裕一郎, 勝呂徹, 星徹
日本機械学会ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会講演論文集(CD-ROM)   2012 ROMBUNNO.2A2-U11   May 2012
RATINUKULKIT Satit, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄, 伊藤彰教
画像電子学会年次大会予稿集(CD−ROM)   40th ROMBUNNO.S6-4   Jun 2012
菅沼岳史, 螺澤庸博, 小野康寛, 伊東令華, 鈴木泰山, 八木豊, 中村陽介, 三上浩司, 片岡竜太, 宮崎隆, 馬場一美
日本歯科医師会雑誌   65(5) 608   Aug 2012
小野康寛, 菅沼岳史, 螺澤庸博, 鈴木泰山, 八木豊, 中村陽介, 三上浩司, 馬谷原光織, 片岡竜太, 長谷川篤司, 山本松男, 井上美津子, 宮崎隆, 馬場一美
日本歯科医学教育学会総会・学術大会プログラム・抄録集   32nd 86   2013
須田智之, 茂木龍太, 兼松祥央, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   37(17(AIT2013 33-119)) 89-90   Mar 2013
In our research, we focus on making the head model, which is most important in character models. We create an efficient character face, which the producer needs, by deforming an existing 3D head model, and develop a system that the user can view t...
柳澤文香, 菅野太介, 戀津魁, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   37(17(AIT2013 33-119)) 179-180   Mar 2013
Research with the aim of clarifying the change of scenario. I took note of "the purpose of the main character" and "action to achieve the objectives". I evaluated the situation of the main character and visualize it. I have proposed a method to ev...
菅野太介, 青山優也, 戀津魁, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   37(17(AIT2013 33-119)) 175-176   Mar 2013
Information of the scene, the information of the characters, and the dialogue is written in the scenario. Scenario is a blueprint of the video content. The purpose of this study is to support the creation of scenarios. In this study, we analyzed t...
照井洋平, 中村陽介, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   37(17(AIT2013 33-119)) 157-158   Mar 2013
In this research, we propose about the user experience commonality in cooperative type multiplay action games. The EEG of the multiplayer was measured in remote environment and same real space, analyzed the spectral. As a result of the analysis, c...
中井奏恵, 川島基展, 早川大地, 石川知一, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   37(17(AIT2013 33-119)) 65-67   Mar 2013
We focus on creating cat jump animations by using 3DCG. In this paper, we propose a method to generate an appropriate jump motion under various situations. Our proposed method is able to generate jump animations corresponding a positional relation...
戀津魁, 石川圭一, 菅野太介, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   37(17(AIT2013 33-119)) 181-182   Mar 2013
In this paper, we have developed a system to support multi-ending scenario writing. Multi ending scenario is different from the typical scenario, it is necessary to produce a plurality of stories and in accordance with the selected option presente...
斉藤勇樹, 中村陽介, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   37(17(AIT2013 33-119)) 167-168   Mar 2013
In this paper, we propose a new criterion to judge of FPS game play skills. Investigate the FPS Beginners and FPS Experts play video, I found the elements of the play skill differences. To prove it can actually determine the element of play skills...
亦野文隆, 菅野太介, 戀津魁, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   37(17(AIT2013 33-119)) 177-178   Mar 2013
Grasp of the contents proposed the plot composition support template which becomes easy. Since brief grasp of the contents of a story is called for, the plot needs to incorporate configuration information appropriately in a plot. The item which co...
山田朱織, 石澤利晃, 関口暁宣, 三上浩司, 浦上大輔, 井上亮文, 井垣宏, 堀口悟史, 松尾芳樹, 勝呂徹, 星徹
日本整形外科学会雑誌   87(3) S684   Mar 2013
山田朱織, 石澤利晃, 関口暁宣, 三上浩司, 浦上大輔, 井上亮文, 松尾芳樹, 井垣宏, 勝呂徹, 星徹
J Spine Res   4(3) 787   Mar 2013
小島啓史, 竹内亮太, 石川知一, 三上浩司, 渡辺大地, 柿本正憲, 近藤邦雄
Visual Computing/グラフィクスとCAD合同シンポジウム予稿集(CD-ROM)   2013 ROMBUNNO.7   Jun 2013
菅沼岳史, 螺澤庸博, 小野康寛, 中村陽介, 三上浩司, 片岡竜太, 宮崎隆, 馬場一美
日本シミュレーション医療教育学会雑誌   1 1-5   Jul 2013
Wataru Yamada, Taichi Watanabe, Masanori Kakimoto, Koji Mikami, Ryota Takeuchi
ACM SIGGRAPH 2013 Posters, SIGGRAPH 2013      Aug 2013
The property of cloth changes when it gets wet. Especially, wet cloth sticks to objects being touched. When expressing a wet cloth in computer graphics, pseudo representation is often used. As existing research, [Gascon et al. 2010] added a constr...
三上 浩司
映画テレビ技術   (733) 54-60   Sep 2013
Kondo Kunio, Ohta Takashi, Watanabe Taichi, Mikami Koji
ITEJ   68(2) 121-124   2014
近藤 邦雄, 三上 浩司, 柿本 正憲
画像電子学会誌 The journal of the Institute of Image Electronics Engineers of Japan : visual computing, devices & communications   43(3) 420-425   2014
Special issue of Japanese Society for the Science of Design   21(2) 20-25   2014
Muhammad Arief, Hideki Todo, Kunio Kondo, Koji Mikami, Yasushi Yamaguchi
SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 Posters, SIGGRAPH ASIA 2014      Jan 2014
近藤邦雄, 太田高志, 渡辺大地, 三上浩司
映像情報メディア学会誌   68(2) 121-124,110-111   Feb 2014
小池雄太, 茂木龍太, 兼松祥央, 近藤邦雄, 三上浩司
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   38(16(AIT2014 28-52)) 167-168   Mar 2014
When performing the character design, color is intended to be technology dependent designer to organize it difficult. In this study, the development of a system that a database of configuration information, such as personality, cast and color sche...
三上浩司, 丸山駿, 中村陽介, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   38(16(AIT2014 28-52)) 181-184   Mar 2014
In recent years, various Pre-Viz methods have come to be used in motion picture production. In this study, we focused on the difference between the final image and the video Pre-Vis such as scenarios, storyboards and 3D Pre-Vis. We measured the EE...
王晨, 兼松祥央, 茂木龍太, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   38(16(AIT2014 28-52)) 123-126   Mar 2014
According to the existing movies, extract part of the content; Reproduce camera work for the content what was extracted by CG soft(Maya), Data of the camera work have to classification, Support for producers to composition and production by settin...
LENZ Kai, 足立祐一, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   38(16(AIT2014 28-52)) 155-156   Mar 2014
Multi-ending scenario presents a choice to the player, the story changes according to the selection results. It is difficult to understand the whole story when writing scenario. In this research, we manage the information of each episode in the fo...
村瀬健, 茂木龍太, 兼松祥央, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   38(16(AIT2014 28-52)) 169-170   Mar 2014
GAN Lin, 近藤邦雄, 三上浩司
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   38(16(AIT2014 28-52)) 133-134   Mar 2014
In the Cartoon animation, based on the action line method, which is used when you want to create an exaggerated series of movements or poses , proposed a method of action line editing support for 3DCG animation.
若松勇太, 兼松祥央, 茂木龍太, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   38(16(AIT2014 28-52)) 171-174   Mar 2014
Hairstyle production in animation character design is important and difficult. The difference of a little hairstyle decides their images. However, Character design without visual information is tend to occur the communication gaps. In order to sol...
大石貴之, 菅野太介, LENZ Kai, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   38(16(AIT2014 28-52)) 153-154   Mar 2014
To reduce the risk in the motion picture production, there is a work of scenario analysis to analyze and evaluate the scenario. Its necessary to analyses the scenario within a limited amount of time. Therefore, there are problems that an analyst c...
デザイン学研究特集号   21(2) 20-25   Mar 2014
茂木龍太, 小池雄太, 兼松祥央, 土田隆裕, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
Visual Computing/グラフィクスとCAD合同シンポジウム予稿集(CD-ROM)   2014 ROMBUNNO.43   Jun 2014
HAYASHI Azusa, KANNO Daisuke, MIKAMI Koji, KONDO Kunio
ITE Technical Report   39(0) 183-186   2015
Recently, in accordance with the expansion of motion picture contents, the demand of scenario is increasing. In this study, we aim to support efficient creation of planning documents required for producing a story that contains the elements of hum...
Yoda Naoya, Kanematsu Yoshihisa, Motegi Ryuta, Mikami Koji, Kondo Kunio
ITE Technical Report   39(0) 111-114   2015
Characters called "Tsundere" are expressed from a variety of factors, such as conversations, gestures and story deployment. This expression is not given only by appearance. The purpose of this research is to create a digital scrapbook for design s...
依田直也, 兼松祥央, 茂木龍太, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   39(14(AIT2015 35-90)) 111-114   Mar 2015
坂内泰子, 兼松祥央, 茂木龍太, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   39(14(AIT2015 35-90)) 169-172   Mar 2015
Characters are one of the most important elements in the content production. There are some problems when it comes to group of characters creation, if the appearance of one of the characters in the group is similar to another, the charm of the pop...
BODACHENG, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   39(14(AIT2015 35-90)) 75-78   Mar 2015
In conventional hand drawing animation, "Cartoon Blur", a non-photorealistic motion blur is used in order to emphasis a character motion. In previous researches, cartoon blur is divided into three types: Lines, After-Images, and Deformation. Besid...
中嶋拓麻, 兼松祥央, 茂木龍太, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   39(14(AIT2015 35-90)) 91-94   Mar 2015
There are lots of camera shooting techniques but it is difficult to share the opinion among the production workers such as: director and theater director because the discussion is much more spokenly while the visual imaginary is important. in this...
白子勝俊, 兼松祥央, 茂木龍太, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   39(14(AIT2015 35-90)) 115-118   Mar 2015
Mascot characters attract attention from many people. There are many ways to making mascot characters not only general persons entrust a designer to professional, but it has other ways with designing the concept of mascot characters by generals an...
戸部苑子, 菅野太介, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   39(14(AIT2015 35-90)) 63-66   Mar 2015
In recent years, the demand of scenarios is increasing as the motion picture contents are increasing. Foreshadowing is one of the scenario techniques. Foreshadowing can be used for every kind of scenarios, and play an important role in the scenari...
鈴木裕章, 兼松祥央, 茂木龍太, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   39(14(AIT2015 35-90)) 119-122   Mar 2015
There is the character category called "Demi Human character". The Demi human characters are used to synthesize certain features of animals and plants, the body. It is difficult to design a Demi Human character from the beginning. In this study, w...
土屋謙, 中村陽介, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   39(14(AIT2015 35-90)) 71-74   Mar 2015
Crack of asphalt by root-up of the trees is a phenomenon that can be seen frequently. In the motion picture and game contents, this phenomenon represented by the polygon causes the increase of processing time and load. In this study, we use the L-...
茂木龍太, 坂内泰子, 兼松祥央, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
日本図学会春季大会学術講演論文集   2015 113‐114   May 2015
舟田優花, 川島基展, 早川大地, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   40(11(AIT2016 42-136)) 195-198   Mar 2016
ITE Technical Report   40(11) 195-198   Mar 2016
This research increases to use the motion capture data for the production of 3DCG contents. Today, it is rare that motion data are reused. This is waste of the time and money. We propose a scrapbook system that searches in a motion database intuit...
西口椋, 菅野太介, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   40(11(AIT2016 42-136)) 287-290   Mar 2016
Recently, motion picture market is expanding, in addition, the act of making a motion picture and publish it on the web is easily anyone. The demand of scenario production is increasing, so opportunity for writing a dialogue of screenplay is also ...
永田幸, 茂木龍太, 兼松祥央, 鶴田直也, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   40(11(AIT2016 42-136)) 249-252   Mar 2016
Humanoid characters which have artificial limbs or weapons on their bodies can be found in recent cartoons or animations. In this paper, we propose a simulation system for supporting the production of humanoid characters with weaponized artificial...
大澤洸平, 茂木龍太, 兼松祥央, 鶴田直也, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   40(11(AIT2016 42-136)) 107-110   Mar 2016
In this paper, we propose a scrapbook to support drawing of facial expressions. Facial expressions of cartoon characters are composed of the combination of eyebrows, eyes, mouth and other expression components such as tears and sweat. We have coll...
三ケ尻達哉, 菅野太介, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   40(11(AIT2016 42-136)) 283-286   Mar 2016
The purpose of this study, support for setting concept and timing when making a draft. The author extracts the trial elements from existing works or from their own works, and put it together as a database. Tobe able to create a plot containing tri...
香山侑子, 茂木龍太, 兼松祥央, 鶴田直也, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   40(11(AIT2016 42-136)) 253-256   Mar 2016
Gothic Lolita is a fashion originally characterized by darker make-up and clothing. However, In recent years, it has various types and colors in Japan. Although it can be seen both in real life and in a cartoon, the design rules are quite differen...
五十嵐美紅, 鶴田直也, 茂木龍太, 兼松祥央, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   40(11(AIT2016 42-136)) 245-248   Mar 2016
Most of characters in a comic and an animation constitute a group that is composed of a number of people. The color schemes of characters who belong to the same group should be consistent or well-dispersed. However, it is not easy to keep consiste...
佐藤菜々, 伊藤彰教, 三上浩司
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   40(11(AIT2016 42-136)) 115-116   Mar 2016
Sound effect is the important part of fantastical scene in ANIME, especially for girls ANIME. However the sound design method is still closed and not enough researched. Moreover, the recent digital sound design tools become to make 'American taste...
竹本祐太, 茂木龍太, 兼松祥央, 鶴田直也, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   40(11(AIT2016 42-136)) 111-114   Mar 2016
Designing a pose of a character is important because a pose expresses an emotion and a personality. It is particularly important in robot animation. In this paper, we propose a simulation system for designing poses of robot characters. We collecte...
今井歩久登, 菅野太介, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   40(11(AIT2016 42-136)) 291-293   Mar 2016
In recent years, it has also increased the demand of the scenario by picture contents increasing. This study aimed to support scenario writing. Its content is the supporting role of behavior and dialogue for the main character. To investigate the ...
飯沼弘樹, 茂木龍太, 兼松祥央, 鶴田直也, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   40(11(AIT2016 42-136)) 103-106   Mar 2016
Previous studies about a design method for a cartoon character are focusing on the visual appearance. In this paper, we propose a scrapbook for supporting the creation of characters and the setting of their roles in an episode. We collected settin...
長谷川夏美, 中村陽介, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
映像情報メディア学会技術報告   40(11(AIT2016 42-136)) 241-244   Mar 2016
It costs a lot of money and time to create 3DCG models of a cluster of buildings in a residential area in order to replicate landscape of a city. One approach is to measure the real space with a laser scanner and reproduce it a 3DCG model, but thi...
佐藤菜々, 伊藤彰教, 三上浩司
情報処理学会研究報告(Web)   2016(MUS-111) Vol.2016‐MUS‐111,No.49,1‐2 (WEB ONLY)   May 2016
WANG Yilong, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
情報処理学会研究報告(Web)   2016(DCC-13) Vol.2016‐DCC‐13,No.11,1‐8 (WEB ONLY)   May 2016

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情報処理学会研究報告(Web)   1 Nov 2017   
星光彦, 阿部雅樹, 渡辺大地, 三上浩司
情報処理学会研究報告(Web)   1 Nov 2017   
Endoh Masanobu, Henry D. Fernández, Koji Mikami
Proceedings - 2017 NICOGRAPH International, NICOInt 2017   19 Sep 2017   
© 2017 IEEE. The degree of difficulty is a key element of fun in digital games. Players enjoy games and improve their skills if the difficulty is set in their personal Flow Zones. The existing Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment (DDA) is a suitable tech...
義久 智樹, 水野 慎士, 三上 浩司, 林 洋人, 楠 房子
情報処理学会論文誌デジタルコンテンツ(DCON)   29 Aug 2017   
茂木龍太, 茂木龍太, 菅野太介, 兼松祥央, 鶴田直也, 三上浩司, 近藤邦雄
情報処理学会研究報告(Web)   19 May 2017