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Mitsuru TAKI

Published Papers

Chiaki Konishi, Shelley Hymel, Bruno D. Zumbo, Li Zhen, Mitsuru Taki, Phillip Slee, Debra Pepler, Hee Og Sim, Wendy Craig, Susan Swearer, Keumjoo Kwak
Canadian Journal of School Psychology   24 82-93   Apr 2009
Responding to international concerns regarding childhood bullying and a need to identify a common bullying measure, this study examines the comparability of children's self-reports of bullying across five countries. The Pacific-Rim Bullying Measur...
Frank Wai Ming Tam, Frank Wai Ming Tam, Mitsuru Taki
Educational Research and Evaluation   13 373-399   Aug 2007
One widely accepted explanation of bullying, known as the aggressive-motive thesis, assumes that bullying is a form of aggressive behaviour triggered by external stress. However, recent evidences have suggested a different explanation, known as th...
滝 充
国立教育政策研究所紀要   136 119-135   Mar 2007
児童心理学の進歩   43 223-245   Jun 2004
A Study on the Philospphy and the Method of Guidance and Counselling in Japan
Mitsuru TAKI
1 76-85   Aug 2002   [Refereed]
Relation among Bullying, Stress and Stressor: A follow-up survey using panel data and a comparative survey between Japan and Australia
Mitsuru TAKI
Japanese Society   5 25-40   2001   [Refereed]
OKAYASU Takahiro, TAKAYAMA Iwao, TANIMOTO Yoshihiko, KOBAYASHI Tatsushi, TAKI Mitsuru, SHINICHI Tatsuro
Journal of the Center for Educational Research and Practices   5 19-25   Mar 1998
TAKI Mitsuru
Research report of The National institute for educational research   36 1-11   1998
Taki Mitsuru
Memoirs of the Faculty of Education Miyazaki Universiry. Education   78 81-91   Mar 1995
TAKI Mitsuru
Comparative Education   1994(20) 165-178,221   1994
After World War II, the Swedish educational system changed to a less selective one.It was intended that through this new system differences based on social class, sex, region, and so on, should decrease.Statistical data on the government, however,...
Taki Mitsuru
教育社会学研究   (50) p366-388   Aug 1992
This article aims to review and verify some causal hypotheses on "Ijime" behavior. In the mid 1980's many articles presented the results of surveys analysis, and the interpretation on "Ijime" behavior. We have as yet no conclusive evidence on the ...
Mitsuru Taki, Phillip Slee, Shelley Hymel, Debra Pepler, Hee-og Sim, Susan Swearer (2008) A new definition and scales for indirect aggression in schools: Results from the longitudinal comparative survey among five countries
Mitsuru Taki, Phillip Slee, Shelley Hymel, Debra Pepler, Hee-og Sim, Susan Swearer
International Journal on Violence and School   (7)    2008   [Invited]


滝 充, 近藤 庄一
教師教育研究 : 早稲田大学教師教育研究所紀要   (5) 121-141   Oct 2014
滝 充
Journal of Japanese Association of Health Consultation Activity   3(1) 1-7   2008
教育と医学   47(10) 824-830   Oct 1999

Books etc

Changes in School Environment and Deviancy - A Survey Analysis and an Intervention Program for Schools
Mitsuru TAKI (Part:Joint Work, , Foljanty-Jost, G. (Eds.) Juvenile Delinquency in Japan: Reconsidering the 'Crisis')
Leiden: Brill   2003   

Conference Activities & Talks

Mitsuru Taki
教育デザイン研究 = Journal of education design   Mar 2013   
Basic Knowledge on Bullying [Invited]
Mitsuru TAKI
the International Conference on School-bullying Prevention in Taiwan at National Taiwan University by Humanistic Education Foundation   Aug 2011   
相川 充, 高元 伊智郎, 池本 しおり, 滝 充, 渡辺 弥生
The Annual Report of Educational Psychology in Japan   2004   
'Ijime bullying': characteristic, causality and intervention, Measures to Reduce "Bullying in Schools" [Invited]
Mitsuru TAKI
Oxford-Kobe Seminars at Kobe Institute, Kobe, Japan   May 2003   
Japanese School Bullying: Ijime - A survey analysis and an intervention program in school -. [Invited]
Mitsuru TAKI
Understanding and Preventing Bullying: An International Perspective, at Queen's University in Canada   2001