Masashi Nakatani

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Masashi Nakatani
Keio University
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Postdoctoral Research Fellow
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After receiving a Ph.D. in Information Physics and Computing in the University of Tokyo, Masashi Nakatani worked for four years in the cosmetic industry where he developed a sensor system that evaluates skin softness. He returned to academic research in the spring of 2012 and started neuroscience study of touch at Keio University in Japan and at Columbia University Medical Center in USA and uncovered physiological characteristics of Merkel cells as a light touch receptor in the skin. He is currently affiliated in Hokkaido University to conduct comprehensive study of skin sensation from cellular biology to human tactile perception. He also pursues to make a connection between research outcomes in academia and industry, represented by his recent collaborative activity called TECHTILE (TECHnology based tacTILE design). Currently he works on mathematical modeling of skin receptor responses to mechanical and thermal stimuli based on electrophysiological evidence.

Research Areas


Published Papers

Nakatani M, Maksimovic S, Baba Y, Lumpkin EA
Pflugers Archiv : European journal of physiology   467(1) 101-108   Jan 2015   [Refereed]
Maksimovic S, Nakatani M, Baba Y, Nelson AM, Marshall KL, Wellnitz SA, Firozi P, Woo SH, Ranade S, Patapoutian A, Lumpkin EA
Nature      Apr 2014   [Refereed]
Denda M, Denda S, Tsutsumi M, Goto M, Kumamoto J, Nakatani M, Takei K, Kitahata H, Nakata S, Sawabu Y, Kobayashi Y, Nagayama M
Experimental dermatology   23 79-82   Feb 2014   [Refereed]
Kumamoto J, Nakatani M, Tsutsumi M, Goto M, Denda S, Takei K, Denda M
Experimental dermatology   23 58-60   Jan 2014   [Refereed]
Kumamoto J, Goto M, Denda S, Nakatani M, Takasugi Y, Tsuchiya K, Shimizu Y, Takatsuru Y, Denda M
Experimental dermatology   22 421-423   Jun 2013   [Refereed]

Books etc

Masashi Nakatani (Part:Joint Work)
Jan 2016   ISBN:4255009058
Masashi Nakatani, Yasuaki Kakehi, Hirokazu Shirado (Part:Joint Work)
Iwanami Publisher   Dec 2011   ISBN:400029587X
Ikuya Murakami (Ed.) (Part:Contributor, Column)
Seishin Shobo Publisher   Sep 2011   ISBN:4414301815


仲谷正史, 筧康明, 南澤孝太, 三原聡一郎, 舘すすむ
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Denda M, Nakatani M, Ikeyama K, Tsutsumi M, Denda S
Experimental dermatology   16 157-161   Mar 2007   [Refereed]

Awards & Honors

Dec 2014
Achievement in Technical Development, System Integration Devision, The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
Winner: Masashi Nakatani, Yasuaki Kakaehi, Kouta Minamizawa
Oct 2012
Project TECHTILE, Good Design Award 2012
Mar 2012
Prix Emerging Technologies, Laval Virtual 2012
Mar 2012
Best Demo Award, Haptic Symposium 2012
Feb 2012
Award for Outstanding Technology, the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
Dec 2011
System Integration Award for Outstanding Researchers, System Integration department in the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
Oct 2011
Wearable Haptic Sensor (HapLog), Good Design Award 2011
May 2011
The Fishbone Tactile Illusion, Top 10 Finalists, Best Illusion of the Year Contest 2011
Dec 2008
System Integration Award for Outstanding Young Researchers, he Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
Mar 2008
Dean’s Award for the best doctoral thesis, The University of Tokyo
Mar 2008
President’s Award for Students, The University of Tokyo
Apr 2005
Japan Chapter Young Award, IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Japan
Mar 2006
Best Presentation Award, Virtual Reality Society of Japan

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2017
Associate Professor (non-tenured), Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, Keio University
Dec 2016
Researcher, JST PRESTO
Apr 2016
Mar 2017
Research Institute of Electronic Science, Hokkaido University
Jun 2016
Mar 2017
Postdoctoral reserach fellow, Graduate School of Science, Chiba University
Apr 2016
Jun 2016
Part-time lecturer, Graduate school of Media Design, Keio University
Apr 2015
Mar 2016
Project Research Scientist, Institute of Gerontology, University of Tokyo
Apr 2015
Mar 2016
Project Associate Professor, Graduate school of Media Design, Keio University
Aug 2012
Mar 2015
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Dermatology, Columbia University Medical Center
Apr 2012
Mar 2015
Visiting Scholar, Graduate school of System Design and Management Research Institute
Apr 2012
Sep 2014
Superlative Postdoctral Fellow, the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science


Mar 2005
Apr 2008
Department of Information Physics and Computing, The University of Tokyo

Committee Memberships

Jul 2011
Technical Committee on Haptics  Vice Chair for Public Relations
Apr 2011
Tactile Research Group  Organizer