Ken Morita

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Ken Morita
Chiba University

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Published Papers

Transient diffusive spin dynamics in intrinsic InGaAs/InAlAs multiple quantum wells
K. Kawaguchi, T. Fukasawa, I. Takazawa, H. Shida, Y. Saito, D. Iizasa, T. Saito, T. Kitada, Y. Ishitani, M. Kohda, and K. Morita
Applied Physics Letters   115 172406   2019   [Refereed]
Temperature and laser energy dependence of the electron g-factor in intrinsic InGaAs/InAlAs multiple quantum wells
K. Morita, A. Okumura, H. Takaiwa, I. Takazawa, T. Oda, T. Kitada, M. Kohda, and Y. Ishitani
Applied Physics Letters   115 012404   2019   [Refereed]
Time-Resolved measurements of Two-Color Laser Lights Emitted from a GaAs/AlGaAs Coupled Multilayer Cavity
Y. Minami, K. Ogusu, X. Lu, N. Kumagai, K. Morita, and T. Kitada
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics   58 SJJ03   May 2019   [Refereed]
Raman study of the quantum interference of multiple discrete states and a continuum of states in the phonon energy region of semiconductors: example of p-type Ga0.5In0.5P films
H. Sakamoto, B. Ma, K. Morita and Y. Ishitani
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics   49 375107   2018   [Refereed]
Room-temperature two-color lasing by current injection into a GaAs/AlGaAs coupled multilayer cavity fabricated by wafer bonding
T. Kitada, X. Lu, Y. Minami, N. Kumagai, and K. Morita
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics   57 04FH03   2018   [Refereed]
Theorems on Two Tetrahedrons Intersecting a Sphere
Ken Morita
Journal for Geometry and Graphics   22(2) 219-227   2018   [Refereed]
Robustness of a persistent spin helix against a cubic Dresselhaus field in (001) and (110) oriented two-dimensional electron gases
D Iizasa, D. Sato, K. Morita, J. Nitta, and M. Kohda
Physical Review B   98 165112   2018   [Refereed]
Selective thermal radiation at longitudinal optical phonon energy under geometric condition of metal-semiconductor mesa stripe structures
Y. Ishitani, T. Aoki, T. Funabashi, and K. Morita
Applied Physics Letters   113 192105   2018   [Refereed]
Terahertz pulse generation by the tilted pulse front technique using an M-shaped optical system
K. Morita, K. Shiozawa, K. Suizu, and Y. Ishitani
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (Rapid Communication)   57 050304   2018   [Refereed]
Electric-dipole absorption resonating with longitudinal optical phonon-plasmon system and its effect on dispersion relations of interface phonon polariton modes in metal/semiconductor-stripe structures
H. Sakamoto, E. Takeuchi, K. Yoshida, K. Morita, B. Ma, and Y. Ishitani
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics   51 015105   2018   [Refereed]
Theoretical investigation of non-thermal equilibrium exciton dynamics in GaN based on hydrogen plasma model
T. Iwahori, B. Ma, K. Morita, and Y. Ishitani
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics   55 05FM06   2016   [Refereed]