MORITA Sachiko

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MORITA Sachiko
Kochi University
Career Development Support Unit, Center for General Student Support
Job title
Associate Professor


Recently, I am engaged in international comparative study of career education.
My research is focused on the professional development of career guidance practitioners in information-oriented and lifelong-learning society; it is based on case studies in Nordic and Baltic countries which are in the lead in these two fields.
I am also conducting a research on Work Integrated Learning (WIL) in Australia and the impact of community-based learning on individual career development (for example: Folk high schools in Northern Europe).

Research Areas

  • Education / Education / International Comparative Study

Academic & Professional Experience

Jan 2018
Associate Professor, Center for General Student Support, Kochi University
Apr 2014
Dec 2017
Associate Professor, Career Center, Saga University
Apr 2013
Mar 2014
Lecturer, Toyohashi Sozo University


Apr 2007
Mar 2009
Management Course, Professional Graduate School, Institute of Business and Accounting, Kwansei Gakuin University
Apr 1994
Mar 1998
School of Economics, Kwansei Gakuin University

Awards & Honors

Aug 2017
Education Achievement Award, Saga University

Published Papers

The Significance of Folk High Schools Education in Modern Society - Comparative Study in Norway, Sweden and Finland -
MORITA Sachiko
The Journal of Engaged Pedagogy   18(1) 121-138   2019   [Refereed]
Collaboration between Career Center and Faculty in Australian Universities
MORITA Sachiko
Kochi University Reports of Educational Research and Activity   23 25-36   Dec 2018
Morita Sachiko
Kobe Journal of Higher Education   26(26) 185-200   Mar 2018   [Refereed]
Suitable Career Education for Autonomous Career Development: Focusing on Lifelong Learning Support in Denmark
Sachiko Morita
佐賀大学全学教育機構紀要   (5) 115-125   2017
Future Prospects and challenges of Career Support in Lifelong Learning Society: Based on Interview Surveys in Finland
Sachiko Morita
佐賀大学全学教育機構紀要   (5) 127-136   2017
The effective job hunting support for art students: An exploratory research focusing on change of the perception about art
Sachiko Morita
佐賀大学全学教育機構紀要   (4) 153-163   2016
The career education program for public servant applicants : Focusing on Realistic Job Preview screening
Sachiko Morita
Journal of University Education Research   (13) 38-47   2016
Suitable career education for art course students focusing on industry needs
Sachiko Morita
佐賀大学全学教育機構紀要   (3) 125-136   2015
The Issue of the Assessment of Generic Skill Education in Undergraduate Students: A Case Study of an Innovative University Education Program in Local Business Collaboration Conducted by Toyohashi Sozo University
Sachiko Morita
Bulletin of Toyohashi Sozo University   (19) 1-13   2015

Conference Activities & Talks

Does Development of Career Management Skills Reduce Freshmen’ Anxiety about Their Career in Labor Markets?
MORITA Sachiko
IAEVG 2019 International Conference   Sep 2019   
Career Guidance Program to Enhance Students’ Career Management Skills in University Curriculum
MORITA Sachiko
APCDA 2019 International Conference   24 May 2019   

Research Grants & Projects

Study on the 'Co-careering approach' in Developing the Expertise of Career Practitioners in Northern Europe
Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS): JSPS KAKENHI Grant(19K02431)
Project Year: Apr 2019 - Mar 2021    Investigator(s): MORITA Sachiko
Construction of Lifelong Development Support Model for Older Adults in Learning communities - Based on the Case Study of Folk high schools in Sweden -
Mayekawa Hitodukuri Foundation: 
Project Year: Jun 2019 - May 2020    Investigator(s): MORITA Sachiko
Development a Framework for Career Practitioners Training Programs in Lifelong Learning Society - based on the Case study in Sweden -
Foundation of the Global Life Learning Center: 2019 Research Grant
Project Year: Apr 2019 - Mar 2020    Investigator(s): MORITA Sachiko
Significance of Having Period to focus on Self-reflection in Career Development for Youth - Discussion Based on the Fieldwork at Folk high school and Suggestion to Japanese Career Education -
The Scandinavia-Japan Sasakawa Foundation: 2018 Research Grant
Project Year: Apr 2018 - Mar 2019    Investigator(s): MORITA Sachiko
Development of Career Guidance Program for University Freshmen
Kochi University: 
Project Year: Apr 2018 - Mar 2019    Investigator(s): MORITA Sachiko
Conceptual Framework Construction of long-term support program for youth in rural communities - Focusing on the relationship between students and teachers at Efterskole in Denmark
Saga University: 2017 International Research Experience for Researchers
Project Year: Aug 2017 - Mar 2018    Investigator(s): MORITA Sachiko
Challenge to the theoretical framework of building career education classes around the axis of the continued learning -Based on the career education research of higher education institutions in the Nordic -
Kitano Foundation of Lifelong Integrated Education: 2014 Research Grant
Project Year: Apr 2015 - Mar 2016    Investigator(s): MORITA Sachiko
The process of university students' career development in community
Funded Research
Project Year: 2017 - 2017