Naoki Onishi

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Naoki Onishi
The University of Tokyo
The Graduate School of Engineering
Job title
Assistant Professor

Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Sep 2017
Assistant Professor, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Apr 2013
Aug 2017
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Hokkaido University
Apr 2010
Mar 2013
Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science


Apr 2005
Mar 2010
Department of Architecture, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Apr 2003
Mar 2005
Department of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Apr 2001
Mar 2003
College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo


前川 優太, 今井 貴大, 西村 康志郎, 大西 直毅
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大西直毅, 西村康志郎, 山口悠太
日本建築学会構造系論文集   83(743) 167‐177-177   Jan 2018
 Mechanical anchorage has recently been used for simplifying the arrangement of reinforcement in beam-column joint. In AIJ Standard for Structural Calculation of Reinforced Concrete Structures (published in 2010), there are examples of applic...
西村康志郎, 大西直毅
日本建築学会構造系論文集   83(743) 155‐165-165   Jan 2018
 There have been many pull-out tests of single and double layered deformed bars to investigate bond strength in R/C members2), 4)-10). In these tests, the development lengths of the bars were identical as shown in Fig. 1 (a). These...
川津美月, 西村康志郎, 山口悠太, 大西直毅
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前川優太, 西村康志郎, 大西直毅
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