Naomi Nishi

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Naomi Nishi
Doshisha University

Research Interests


Research Areas


Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2018
Assistant, Organization for Research Initiatives and Development, Doshisha University
Jul 2017
Researcher, Center for Study of South China Sea, Doshisha University
Nov 2016
Researcher, Institute for Study of Humanities and Social Sciences, Doshisha University
Oct 2014
Oct 2015
Visiting Researcher, College of Population Studies, Chulalongkorn University


Apr 2013
Mar 2017
Global Society Studies Cluster, Graduate School of Global Studies, Doshisha University
Apr 2010
Mar 2012
Department of Political Science, Graduate School of Law, Doshisha University
Apr 2006
Mar 2010
Department of Law, Faculty of Law, Doshisha University

Published Papers

Nishi Naomi
社会科学 = The social sciences   48(2) 159-186   Aug 2018
特集 ASEAN共同体の政治経済学 : 固有性と対域外関係の視点から(Special issue: Political economy of ASEAN community : from the viewpoint of its indigeneity and relationship with the outside)論説(Article)ASEANは、2001年にアメリカで生じた同時多発テロ(9.11)以降、主権平等・内政不干渉・全会一致といったASEANの伝統規範を維持しつつも、域内...
西 直美
年報タイ研究 = The journal of Thai studies   (18) 39-57   2018
Nishi Naomi
同志社グローバル・スタディーズ   5 25-45   2014

Conference Activities & Talks

Sectarian Affiliation as Experienced in a Remote Village of “Supporters”: A Case Study of Ruesot District, Narathiwat Province
Naomi Nishi
International Research Symposium on Female Agency, and Islamic Activism: Thai Case Studies in Localizing the Global, Chulalongkorn University   11 Jun 2019   
Religion, Society and State: Islamic Reformism in the Context of Patani
Naomi Nishi
13 Aug 2018   
Educating Muslim in a Global Arena: A Southern Thailand Experience [Invited]
Naomi Nishi
International Seminar, Faculty of Islamic Studies, Sultan Agung Islamic University   6 Mar 2018   
Reconciliation for Pluralistic Society?: Reconciling National Security and Ethnicity, Religion
Naomi Nishi
‘Assessing Reconciliation: Actors, Risks and Assets’   16 Dec 2013