Naoya Takayanagi

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Naoya Takayanagi
Taisho University

Published Papers

The Journal of Information Science and Technology Association   69(2) 62-67   2019
<p>In Japan, corporate museums are treated as institutions which have a wide variety of functions. On the one hand, they are treated as "industrial museums" that collect, preserve, interpret, and display heritages of modern or traditional Japanese...
高柳 直弥, 粟津 重光
豊橋創造大学紀要 = Bulletin of Toyohashi Sozo University   (23) 1-18   Mar 2018
高柳 直弥
広報研究 = Corporate communication studies   (22) 79-96   Mar 2018
高柳 直弥
豊橋創造大学紀要 = Bulletin of Toyohashi Sozo University   (21) 1-17   Mar 2017
Takayanagi Naoya
経営研究   66(4) 235-253   Feb 2016
Takayanagi Naoya
経営研究   66(3) 89-105   Nov 2015
高柳 直弥
広報研究 = Corporate communication studies   (19) 32-47   Mar 2015
高柳 直弥, 粟津 重光
広報研究 = Corporate communication studies   (18) 50-64   Mar 2014
TAKEOKA Shiro, INOUE Yusuke, TAKAYANAGI Naoya, TAKAGI Shuichi, OTA Masaharu
Journal of Information and Management   34(3) 115-137   2014
This article examines the diffusion of innovations which resulted in micro social phenomena. As such, it addresses the methodological problem concerning identification of innovation, that is, if innovation is regarded as the cognition of subjectiv...

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竹岡志朗, 高柳直弥, 井上祐輔, 高木修一
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