Norifumi Hida

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Norifumi Hida
Waseda University
Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum
Job title
Assistant Professor
MFA in Theatre Directing(University of Essex, UK), PhD in Arts Education(University of Warwick, UK)
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Norifumi Hida had an interest in British theatre and theatre for young people (drama and theatre education, youth theatre and theatre for young audiences) at Tamagawa University, Japan. In 2004, to know more about the fields and gain professional knowledge and skills of British theatre, he moved to England and studied his MFA in Theatre Directing at East 15 Acting School, the University of Essex, and his PhD in Arts Education at the University of Warwick.

While doing his MFA and PhD, he worked as a director, assistant director and teaching artist with the Unicorn Theatre, Polka Theatre, Box Clever Theatre, and Camden People’s Theatre. He gave lectures and workshops at Lyon Park Infant School, Southfield Primary School, Goldsmiths College, the University of Warwick, and the University of Chester. After completing his PhD, he was a Research Associate to the MA in Theatre for Young Audiences at Rose Bruford College.

In 2008, he was invited to ASSITEJ’s Next Generation programme and received special training to be a next-generation international artist with other 23 young artists from 16 different countries for three years. In 2014, he became a Board Member of the Next Generation.

He returned permanently to Japan in 2015 and currently works at Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music, Tokyo.


Sep 2008
Sep 2013
PhD in Arts Education, Institute of Education, University of Warwick, UK
Oct 2005
Jul 2008
MFA in Theatre Directing, East 15 Acting School, University of Essex, UK
Sep 2004
Aug 2005
Diploma in Language and Contemporary Culture, Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK

Academic & Professional Experience

Apr 2018
Assistant Professor, Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Waseda University
Apr 2017
Mar 2018
Research Associate, Tsubouchi Memorial Theatre Museum, Waseda University
Apr 2016
Part-time lecturer, English Language and Literature, Seisen University
Apr 2015
Mar 2018
Part-time lecturer, Drama Course, Toho Gakuen College of Drama and Music
Oct 2013
Oct 2014
Research Associate, MA in Theatre for Young Audiences, Rose Bruford College

Committee Memberships

Apr 2017
Committee Member, Annual Conference Executive Committee, Association for Language and Cultural Education, Japan.
May 2016
Editorial Board Member, ArtsPraxis (Academic Journal), USA
Oct 2015
Apr 2016
International Review Panel for Forum Proposals, NYU Forum on Educational Theatre, New York University, USA
Oct 2014
Board Member, Next Generation, ASSITEJ, International
Oct 2014
International Advisor, Theatre for Young Audiences Centre, Rose Bruford College, UK
Jan 2014
Associate Artist, A Thousand Cranes (Artistic Director: Vicky Ireland, MBE), UK

Conference Activities & Talks

Norifumi Hida
NYU Educational Theatre & Drama Therapy Forum 2019: Theatre & Health, Mew York University, U.S.A.   Apr 2019   
Multicultural Coexistence and Drama Workshop: Making a new model of multicultural community
Norifumi Hida
Japan Society for Theatre Research   Nov 2018   
Norifumi Hida
The 8th International Drama in Education Research Institute, National Institute of Education, New Zealand   Jul 2018   
Roots and Routes: Engaging with Young Audiences in Contemporary Global Cities.
Caleb Lee, Purni Morell, Luanne Poh and Norifumi Hida
SDEA Theatre Arts Conference 2017, Singapore   Jun 2017   
Taking Refugee Issues as Our Own through Dramatic and Non-Dramatic Activities
Asako Maeda, Norifumi Hida, Shin Matsuo and Yasuhiro Hitomi
SDEA Theatre Arts Conference 2017, Singapore   Jun 2017   
For the Accumulation of Research on 'Drama and Education' 2017: How Do We Understand the Term 'Drama'?
Naoki Yamamoto, Noboru Takayama & Norifumi Hida
Japanese Society for Theatre Research National Conference 2017   Jun 2017   
The Development of Applied Theatre in Japan in the 21st Century
Norifumi Hida
SDEA Theatre Arts Conference 2017, Singapore   Jun 2017   
Norifumi Hida
ITYARN Conference, The 19th ASSITEJ World Congress, South Africa   May 2017   
Naoki Yamamoto, Noboru Takayama & Norifumi Hida
Japanese Society for Theatre Research   Apr 2017   
Shin Matsuo, Asako Maeda, Chochoso, Nuenuecho, Norifumi Hida, and Yasuhiro Hitomi
The 34th Development Education Annual Conference   Aug 2016   

Published Papers

The Development of Drama in English as a Foreign Language Education in Japan
Norifumi Hida
Bulletin of Seisen University Research Institute For Cultural Science   (38) 93-112   Apr 2017   [Refereed]
Reconsidering Hyogen Education: Drama for the Whole Person in the 21st Century
Norifumi Hida
University of Warwick      Oct 2013

Books etc

Laying the Groundwork for Dramatic Results: ASSITEJ's Next Generation (in S. E. Woodson, and T. Underiner. (Ed.), Theatre, Performance and Change)
Norifumi Hida
Palgrave-MacMillan   Dec 2017   ISBN:978-3-319-65828-5


Norifumi Hida
Theatre & Policy   (92) 1-2   Sep 2015
Norifumi Hida
The Annual Magazine of ASSITEJ 2015: ASSITEJ 50th Anniversary Special Edition   116-118   Apr 2015
Theatre for Young People in Japan
Norifumi Hida
News (Theatre Centre)      May 2014
The Making of a Programme for the ASSITEJ Next Generation
Norifumi Hida
ASSITEJ (ASSITEJ Japan)   (126)    Jul 2014
The Creation of a Global Community Where the Hearts of Artists are Closely Connected with Each Other: Next Generation in Okinawa
Norifumi Hida
Geki – A Journal of Theatre for Young Audiences   (11) 18-22   Jan 2013
Humanism in Theatre and Drama Education
Norifumi Hida
Theatre & Policy (Theatre Planning Network)   (66) 4-5   Apr 2011
Next Generation: Becoming a Next-Generation International Artist 2
Norifumi Hida
ASSITEJ (ASSITEJ Japan)   (117) 2   Apr 2011
Next Generation: Becoming a Next-Generation International Artist 21
Norifumi Hida
ASSITEJ (ASSITEJ Japan)   (116) 2   Jan 2011
‘Assimilation and Verfremdungseffekt in Storytelling’ in The Cat Who Ran
Norifumi Hida
Asia Networking Newsletter: A Forum for Artists in the Field of Theatre for Children & Young People in Asia      Feb 2009
Norifumi Hida
Jido Engeki   (573)    Aug 2008


Norifumi Hida (Facilitator)   Artistic Activity   May 2018
Readers Theatre: Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella & Hansel and Gretel - Seisen University, Tokyo.
Norifumi Hida   Artistic Activity   Jul 2016
Norifumi Hida (Co-director with Kaori Nakayama & Hiroki Uemura)   Artistic Activity   Sep 2015 - Mar 2016
The Peach Boy – Golden Hinde, London
Norifumi Hida   Artistic Activity   Sep 2013
Nuchigusui (Medicine for Life) – Kijimuna Festa, Okinawa
Norifumi Hida (Co-director with Fraser Corfield and other Okinawa Next Generation members)   Artistic Activity   Aug 2012
The Ride of Your Life (Dir. Mick Gordon) – Polka Theatre, London
Norifumi Hida (Assistant Director)   Artistic Activity   Sep 2009 - Oct 2009

Social Contribution

The history of theatre in Japan and its relation to Japanese society
[Lecturer]  Introductory Lecture Series of Japan for DS18 at Waseda  Sep 2018
[Advisor]  World Theatre Education Alliance  Oct 2017
[Lecturer]  Kanagawa International Foundation  Mar 2017
[Lecturer]  Tokyo University of the Arts  Dec 2016
[Advisor]  NPO Theatre Planning Network  Oct 2016
Drama Workshop 'Mantle of Expert: Child Raising'
[Lecturer]  Tokyo Woman's Christian Univeristy  Sep 2016
Art therapy: the meaning of healing in the context of the Japanese and English models of drama and theatre education
[Lecturer]  College of Art, Nihon University  Oct 2016
[Lecturer]  Setagaya Public Theatre  Aug 2016
Theatre Project: Refugees
[Lecturer]  Tokyo Woman's Christian University  Jun 2016
[Lecturer]  Applied Story Labo  Apr 2016
Drama in Education and Readers Theatre
[Others]  Seisen University  Mar 2016
[Lecturer]  Acras Japanese Language Education Institute, Japan  Feb 2016
Kiki’s Delivery Service: A Japanese Language and Drama Workshop for Foreign Families living in Japan
[Lecturer]  Association for Language and Cultural Education, Japan  Jan 2016
[Lecturer]  Intercultural Education Society of Japan  Jan 2016
[Advisor]  Japan Foundation London  Dec 2015
Theatre for Children with Disabilities: Inclusive Theatre in Engalnd
[Lecturer]  NPO Theatre Planning Network, Japan  Sep 2015
[Organizing Member]  Augenblick mal! 2015, Germany  Apr 2015
Modern Foreign Languages (Year 4)
[Lecturer]  Southfield Primary School, UK  Nov 2014 - Jan 2015
Dream: the joy of creating with Punchdrunk Enrichment
[Advisor]  Rose Bruford College, UK  Jan 2015
Dream: the joy of creating with Oily Cart
[Advisor]  Rose Bruford College, UK  Oct 2014