NIINA Noriko

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NIINA Noriko
Alternative names
NIINA Noriko
Bukkyo University
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Apr 1983
Mar 1987
Japanese Literature concentration, Department of Literature, OsakaUniversity

Published Papers

Niina Noriko
The journal of Hyogo College   32 130-140   Mar 1999
Niina Noriko
Machikaneyama ronso. Literature   25 19-32   1990


Book review:IBI Takashi, Kashiwagi Jotei-syu1・2
NIINA Noriko
The wakan comparative literature   (62) 66-77   Feb 2019   [Invited]

Conference Activities & Talks

Sinitic Poetry Composition as a Step Toward Advancement in Local Society and Politics
NIINA Noriko
World Literatures and the Global South Conference 2019   24 Aug 2019   
The Localization of Zhuzhi-ci in Japan:Changes in Poetic Style during the Edo Period
NIINA Noriko
2 Sep 2015   
Popular Zhuzhi-ci in Edp and Weiji Period
NIINA Noriko
26 Jul 2015   
Place names in Japasese poems written by Chinese character   20 Jan 2013   
Three women poets in Edo period
NIINA Noriko
29 Jul 2012   
Poems by KASHIWAGI Jotei   5 Apr 1998   
A consideration of poetic style of Koko-sisya appeared in the katuo fish poems
NIINA Noriko   1994   
Poems about scenic and historical interest spots in Osaka
NIINA Noriko
8 Aug 1998   
Poems in Otokuni and Uda Rituen
NIINA Noriko   12 Oct 2014   
Uda Rituen and his poems
NIINA Noriko   29 Nov 2014