Minako Nishi

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Minako Nishi

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西 見奈子
精神分析研究 = The Japanese journal of psycho-analysis   60(4) 552-554   Nov 2016
西 見奈子
精神分析研究 = The Japanese journal of psycho-analysis   60(4) 484-502   Nov 2016
西 見奈子
精神分析研究 = The Japanese journal of psycho-analysis   60(4) 444-452   Nov 2016
Standard of care and liablity in medical malpractice litigation in Japan”
Hagihara, A., Nishi, M. & Nobutomo, K.
Health Policy   65(2) 119-127   2003   [Refereed]
Hagihara, A., Nishi, M., Abe, E. & Nobutomo, K. (2003)“The structure of medical malpractice decision-making in Japan” Journal of Law and Medicine, 11(2), 62-84.
Hagihara, A., Nishi, M., Abe, E.
Journal of Law and Medicine   11(2) 62-84   2003   [Refereed]


西 見奈子
精神医学史研究 = Japanese journal of history of psychiatry   22(1) 24-28   2018
西 見奈子
精神分析研究 = The Japanese journal of psycho-analysis   62(3) 467-471   Jul 2018
Nojima Kazuhiko, Nishi Minako, Fujimatsu Hiroko, Yamada Junko
Kyushu University psychological research   4 1-7   2003
This paper is a case study on a trial of facilitator training for structured encounter group by "Several Co-Facilitators Method II". Three training facilitators facilitated a structured encounter group (8sessions, 90minutes, every week, school) wi...
Nishi Minako, Nojima Kazuhiko
Kyushu University psychological research   3 157-165   2002
In this study, secondary traumatic stress (STS), which is a natural consequence of working with people who have experienced extremely stressful events, was evaluated among staff members working at DV shelters. The purpose of the study was twofield...