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Published Papers

A conceptual framework for contrastive studies of languages - a case study of deontic modality
Papers presented at the 30th International Conference on Japanese Language Teaching   30 175-183   Apr 2018
Anamnestic Reference - Contrastive-typological Studies in German and in Japanese
Japanische Gesellschaft für Germanistik (ed.) Word Formation and Pragmatics in German   106-123   2017   [Refereed]
Grammaticalization of venitive constructions in Japanese from the contrastive and typological perspektive
33-52   2017   [Refereed][Invited]
The contribution of a "minor" language for the internationalization of University. A case of Japanese at the Language Center of the University of Erfurt.
In: Foreign languages and University   91 79-90   2016
Less learned/taught usages of grammaticalized verbs and related constructions: a functional explication
In: Japanese Language Education in Erurope   21    2016   [Refereed]

Books etc

edited by Yoko Nishina (Part:Editor)
Buske   2015   ISBN:9783875486872
Form and Function in Language Research
Ed. by Helmbrecht, Johannes / Nishina, Yoko / Shin, Yong-Min / Skopeteas, Stavros / Verhoeven, Elisabeth (Part:Joint Editor)
Mouton de Gruyter   2009   
Language description enriches linguistic theory and linguistic theory sharpens language description. Based on evidence from the world's languages, functional-typological linguistics has established a number of thorough generalizations about the na...
Studies on Grammaticalization
Mouton de Gruyter   2008   
Grammaticalization theory has played a major role in the developments in language typology and functional linguistics during the last three decades. Grammaticalization phenomena show that grammars evolve in a continuous way following cross-linguis...
Lehrplan für das Gymnasium Japanisch
Saalfeld: SATZ+DRUCK Centrum Saalfeld   2002   

Conference Activities & Talks

Passive Constructions in Japanese and Empathy Hierarchy [Invited]
Workshop of Japanese Education   13 Sep 2016   Jenderarl Soedirman University, Faculty of Humanity, Department of Japanese Studies
Understanding Grammar with Learners' Mother Tongues
ICJLE (International Conference on Japanese Language Education) Bali 2016   10 Sep 2016   
Vorüberlegungen zur anamnestischen Referenz und Determinanten(Demonstrativa
Linguistenseminar, JGG   30 Aug 2016   Japansiche Gesellschaft fuer Germanistik
Zustandspassiv oder doch kein Passiv aus typologischer Perspektive
Asiatische Germanistentagung   23 Aug 2016   
Less learned/taught usages of grammaticalized verbs and related constructions - a functional explication
Japanese Education in Europe   8 Jul 2016   AJE The Association of Japanese Language Teachers in Europe