AOKI Shuji

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AOKI Shuji

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Morimoto Shinji, Ishidoya Shigeyuki, Ishijima Kentarou, Yashiro Hisashi, Umezawa Taku, Hashida Gen, Sugawara Satoshi, Aoki Shuji, Nakazawa Takakiyo, Yamanouchi Takashi
Antarctic record   54(0) 374-409   Dec 2010
To elucidate temporal variations of greenhouse gases and their related gases in the Arctic and Antarctic regions and to investigate their sources and sinks, systematic measurements of atmospheric CO_2, CH_4CO, N_2O, O_2 and tropospheric O_3 concen...
Sugawara Satoshi, Toyoda Sakae, Ishidoya Shigeyuki, Morimoto Shinji, Hashida Gen, Aoki Shuji, Nakazawa Takakiyo, Yamanouchi Takashi, Honda Hideyuki
Antarctic record   54(0) 410-425   Dec 2010
Balloon-borne cryogenic samplers were launched from Japanese Antarctic Station, Syowa, on December 26, 2003 and January 5, 2004. Stratospheric air samples were successfully collected at 11 different altitudes from 10 to 30 km. After air samples we...
Ishidoya Shigeyuki, Sugawara Satoshi, Morimoto Shinji, Aoki Shuji, Nakazawa Takakiyo, Honda Hideyuki, Yamanouchi Takashi
Antarctic record   54(0) 426-437   Dec 2010
To investigate the gravitational separation of atmospheric components in the stratosphere, air samples collected using an aircraft during the Arctic Airborne Measurement Program 2002 (AAMP02) were analyzed for the O_2 N_2 ratios (δ(O_2 N_2)), δ^<1...
Hashida Gen, Nakaoka Shin-ichiro, Ono Hisashi, Nakazawa Takakiyo, Yoshikawa Hisayuki, Aoki Shuji, Morimoto Shinji, Yamanouchi Takashi, Odate Tsuneo, Fukuchi Mitsuo
Antarctic record   54(0) 438-448   Dec 2010
In order to elucidate the secular trends of oceanic CO_2 uptake in the Indian sector of the Southern Ocean, pCO_2, the partial pressure of CO_2 in the ocean surface layer, has been measured since 1987 on board the icebreaker Shirase. Meridional di...
Concrete Journal   48(9) 4-7   Sep 2010