Naoko Ose

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Naoko Ose

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Kanzaki R, Ose N, Kawamura T, Funaki S, Shintani Y, Minami M, Takakura N, Okumura M
World journal of surgery   42(9) 2879-2886   Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Kanzaki R, Kanou T, Ose N, Funaki S, Shintani Y, Minami M, Kida H, Ogawa K, Kumanogoh A, Okumura M
Interactive cardiovascular and thoracic surgery      Sep 2018   [Refereed]
Ose N, Takeuchi Y, Kobori Y, Hayashi A, Ishida D, Kawai T
Surgical case reports   4(1) 51   Jun 2018   [Refereed]
Momozane T, Kawamura T, Itoh Y, Sanosaka M, Sasaki T, Kanzaki R, Ose N, Funaki S, Shintani Y, Minami M, Okumura M, Takemori H
Biochemistry and cell biology = Biochimie et biologie cellulaire      Jun 2018   [Refereed]
Shintani Y, Funaki S, Ose N, Kawamura T, Kanzaki R, Minami M, Okumura M
Journal of thoracic disease   10(6) 3714-3721   Jun 2018   [Refereed]


Jpn J Chest Surg   27(6) 738-741   Sep 2013
A 46-year old woman was found to have a tumor shadow in the left middle field on a chest radiograph as part of a medical examination. Chest computed tomography showed a 18×16-mm nodule located at the bifurcation of the superior division and the li...
MOMOZANE Tohru, KUSUMOTO Hidenori, OHSE Naoko, HAYASHI Akio, TAKEUCHI Yukiyasu, MAEDA Hajime
Jpn J Chest Surg   26(7) 746-752   Nov 2012
Fetal adenocarcinoma is a rare type of malignant lung tumor resembling fetal lung tissue, and is estimated to account for only 0.1% of all pulmonary malignant neoplasms. We report a resected case of well-differentiated fetal adenocarcinoma. A 21-y...
OSE Naoko, INOUE Masayoshi, MINAMI Masato, SAWABATA Noriyoshi, KADOTA Yoshihisa, OKUMURA Meinoshin
日本呼吸器外科学会雑誌 = The journal of the Japanese Association for Chest Surgery   26(2) 153-156   Mar 2012
KUSUMOTO Hidenori, TAKEUCHI Yukiyasu, OOSE Naoko, MOMOZANE Tohru, MAEDA Hajime
Jpn J Chest Surg   26(1) 110-112   Jan 2012
A 28-year-old man was admitted because of enlargement of the left fifth rib on a chest radiograph film. He had no symptoms and no past medical history nor traumatic injury. Computed tomography suggested a tumor of the left fifth rib. We observed t...
Ose Naoko, Inoue Masayoshi, Minami Masato, Sawabata Noriyoshi, Kadota Yoshihisa, Okumura Meinoshin
Jpn J Chest Surg   26(2) 153-156   2012
A 59-year-old man treated with peritoneal dialysis for chronic renal failure developed mediastinitis after coronary artery bypass surgery, and underwent pectoralis major muscle plombage. Postoperatively, right empyema without a pulmonary fistula w...